[Eternal Life Flower Frame] Blue and Dream's Marginal Mother's Day Birthday Gift Wedding Anniversary Lovers

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【Kiss Kiss KISS OR KISSES】 "In a busy life, I want to guard you tenderly." ✓ Handmade wooden frame ✓ Flower materials imported from all over Japan ✓ Blue and yellow culture blue and green department ✓ A 5x7 inch photo can be placed ✓ Ships the next day ✓ The package is firm and reassuring The most passionate flower gift in the world-Kisses! 💋


[Eternal Life Flower Frame] Blue and Dream's Marginal Mother's Day Birthday Gift Wedding Anniversary Lovers


【Kiss OR KISSES】 **"Eternal Life Flower Frame. The border between blue and dreamland** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jF8Si8ZehYE https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49759713737_ed8574d015_z.jpg It was originally a melancholy blue, but let the yellow shuttle through it, bringing out a sense of flow. * The message on the left can be customized and signed. (Example: Happy Mother's day / Happy Birthday / Best wishes / Congratulation, etc.) https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49759713102_9201034fbc_z.jpg I think of you quietly in the afternoon, our memories, and the words you gently told me. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49759392381_d4b6b4be66_z.jpg All kinds of blue roses are blooming, so that the blue dream begins to melt away. . . https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49758859853_76a008aa87_z.jpg In the afternoon of the holiday, lie lazily on the sofa and have an unbounded dream with me and you in it. ▲▲ Size Description ▲▲ Photo frame size 15.3 x 20.3 x 7.7 (cm) (size when closed) Photo size 5 x 7 inches One photo ▲▲ Material description ▲▲ The body is a handmade wooden frame, The inner layer has two glass interlayers. This is a book-style open and close photo frame, which can be folded. The right side of the inner layer is made of immortal flowers and dried flowers. The removable back panel on the left side of the inner layer can hold a 5x7 inch photo. * Because each wooden frame is hand-made, the wood grain and brush color are "naturally presented" There will be depressions or holes in the epidermis, or a slight error in the anastomosis of the wooden frame is normal. Do n’t buy it if you mind. ▲▲ Design Concept ▲▲ In a busy life, we are busy, working and running. Often forget to eat, forget to pay, I forgot to go home to see my parents, and I forgot to call you ... I want to tell you in the gentlest way: I have not forgotten you, and please remember the moment when we were happy. "The photo frame does not represent memories, but represents— When you miss me, you can see me. Because, I can't bear to see you forget me. " ▲▲ How to save eternal flowers ▲▲ Avoid high temperature and high humidity, direct sunlight. The eternal flower is processed, Can maintain the appearance of flowers, Up to 1-3 years. ▲▲ Packaging and shipping method ▲▲ The safety bubble cloth is used as a buffer, and the corrugated box is shipped. Attached the flower maintenance instructions, Black cat shipping, shipping within 1-2 days (Black cats do not accept mail on Sundays. Orders on Sunday will be mailed on Monday) * The 7-11 delivery is not used, because there was a record of floral damage For your peace of mind when you receive the goods, and I feel safe for the goods to be delivered, please take a little more freight, Shopping is more enjoyable, thank you! ※ It may be shipped in recycled carton, saving resources and cherishing the earth. ▲▲ Instructions for purchase ▲▲ Please note: There are some color differences between the photos on the computer and mobile phones. All the kisses are taken indoors on a sunny afternoon, There is more yellow light for reference. If there are force majeure factors during transportation, May cause a small amount of flowers to fall, please forgive me. ✓ Valentine's Day gifts ✓ Wedding anniversary ✓ Wedding anniversary ✓ Wedding elder ceremony ✓ Birthday gifts ✓Farewell The most passionate flower art-Kiss the Flower 2019


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