I'm not sweet at all / carry shoulder bag / purple gray

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Purple-gray, an inner pocket, zipper design at the opening, removable strap, and adjustable length. The patterns are purely hand-drawn, so each is a bit different.


I'm not sweet at all / carry shoulder bag / purple gray


"I'm not sweet at all" I AM NOT SWEET Although it has a sweet and lovely appearance, it is a completely different peach in the heart. I want to tell you that you are not judged by appearances or preconceived. I also tell you that although we cannot determine our appearance, we can still take photos. Live the way you like. . Because one after another has been receiving the desire of everyone to put all kinds of things (especially the umbrella ☂️), and I also received the hope that the cat cat 眈眈 lunch bag can be released with a strap, so the eccentric warehouse is really Increase! Add a strap! . There are currently three styles: Blue-I can be hero Red-I have a dream Purple Grey-I am not sweet . Sometimes the things that you want to do eccentrically are not just cute, but also hope that they have some meaning in them. _______________________ Contents: One shoulder bag Material: Canvas Color purple gray Origin Taiwan Size height: 23cm / length: 34cm / bottom width: 11.5cm Adjustable and removable strap _________________________________________________________________ Precautions: * We have hand-painted the patterns one by one, so they will not look exactly the same, that ’s why they are cute and warm ❤️ * Because it is hand-painted, each bag takes about 3-5 working days (excluding holidays), no urgent orders! * The relationship between the light on the day of shooting, the color looks brighter, I am a little darker, it is a low-key but hides the cute bag inside. Washing instructions: There are different ways to clean the canvas bag according to the degree of dirt: A. The surface of the cloth is stained with dust, and the corners of the bag are rubbed and dirty. You can use scotch tape to stick the dirt, which can restore about 90%. B. If you accidentally get oily stains or food soup, you can use a neutral detergent to clean the soiled area. In order to prevent the canvas from being stained by other color matching fabrics, avoid immersing the entire bag in water as much as possible . * Do not wash and maintain the canvas bag. Do not put it in the washing machine for washing. The cloth bag is stirred up by the washing machine and turned into a wrinkled soft object. Tips. Dry and clean the canvas bag to lay it flat and let it dry in the sun. The canvas bag made of cotton canvas is characterized in that the fabric will become softer and the color will become more natural as the time goes by. Buyers who can accept the above items will place an order again!


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