Wio Square Stone Aquamarine


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    The classic square pearl brass bracelet, each piece of gems is presented in an irregular cutting surface, with a shiny s
  • The classic square pearl brass bracelet, each piece of gems is presented in an irregular cutting surface, with a shiny sheen of different surfaces in each sunlight, with the same design style of the Wio concept, elegant and fresh style, low-key With a little luxury.

    Main Stone: Aquamarine
    Vice Stone: Pearl

    Aquamarine effect:
    As aquamarine is closely related to water, it has long been used as a talisman, especially for people who live at sea all year round. It is also believed that aquamarine can capture the soul of the sea. For centuries, sailors drifting over the waves have used it to pray for the safety of sea gods to bless navigation, so aquamarine is also known as Mascot Stone.

    Aquamarine has long been regarded as a "stone of the brave," symbolizing calm, courage and intelligence. Wearing aquamarine can make people have a foresight. At the same time, it also has the power of hypnosis and evil forces and the magical medical value. The water that is immersed in aquamarine can cure eye diseases and snoring. The five elements of Aquamarine belong to water and are best used and worn by people in the Five Elements.

    Aquamarine contains four elements: land, water, fire, and wind. It has powerful healing, cleansing, and radiant abilities. It is the most effective crystal. The blue color corresponds to the throat wheel, which helps to strengthen people's ability to communicate and express. It has therapeutic effects on the nearby glands such as the throat, trachea and thyroid glands. When the cold and respiratory tract are painful and inflamed, the aquamarine can be placed on the throat. Helps relieve pain. In addition, toothache can also be placed on the corresponding cheek in the same manner, which can play a mitigating role. It is also particularly suitable for those who want to use languages, conversations, voice lines and other industries to wear, such as teachers, lawyers, sales staff and so on.

    When Arthur's writing is blocked, he can play it with his hands or massage the temples on both sides of the head to help restore his inspiration. It's like inspiring the sea. When you think that your brain is confused and you can't figure out why you can use Hailanbao to touch your forehead or gently scratch the back of your head and back of your neck, it helps to purify your brain energy and restore fresh thinking.
    Affectively relying on others, it is easy for other people's actions to affect their emotional ups and downs. You can wear Aquamarine on your body at any time, and you can balance your emotions without being influenced by the outside. Those who easily fall back when they are in trouble and wear Aquamarine jewelry can strengthen their confidence and strengthen their self-confidence.
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Wio Square Stone Aquamarine

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