925 sterling silver / shape design• shiny geometric ear chain

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Every child is carefully designed and produced by ciao. From thinking, designing, and making each step, we are constantly thinking about how to do better. I hope you can love this design when you receive it, and wear it often. Create more beautiful stories.


925 sterling silver / shape design• shiny geometric ear chain


♦ Product name: 925 sterling silver shiny geometric earrings ♦ Material: 925 sterling silver ♦ Dimensions: The total length is about 10 cm, the diameter of the circle is about 1.4 cm, and the length of the silver wire is about 4.5 cm. The accessories have cut surfaces so they will have a shiny effect ♦ Shipment can be made after placing an order if it is available. If there is no suitable size, you can place an order. The production time is about 3~7 days. ♦ Wearing method is to put the silver wire through the ear hole and put the silver chain part on the ear ★ All the products in the picture may have color difference due to factors such as different light or computer screen resolution. ★ Hand-made cannot be as precise and perfect as machine-made, natural materials cannot be exactly the same, please do not place an order if you cannot accept it! [Silver jewelry care and preservation methods] 1. After wearing the silver jewelry, wipe the surface with cotton cloth or facial tissue to remove water and dirt, and then store it in a sealed bag to avoid contact with air, and the surface brightness will be weakened. 2. Do not wear other metal jewelry at the same time when wearing silver jewelry, so as to avoid scratches or collision deformation. 3. The best maintenance method for silver jewelry is to wear it every day, because body oil can produce natural and moist luster. (But it is best not to take a bath) 4. Keep silver jewelry dry, don't wear it for swimming, and avoid contact with sulfur-containing hot springs and sea water. 5. For silver jewellery processed by vulcanization (that is, silver jewellery that is deliberately dyed black), please avoid deliberately wiping the light, nor wash it with silver washing water. 6. If the silver-wiping cloth can be wiped clean, please do not use silver-washing water to clean it, because the chemical composition of silver-washing water is more harmful to silver jewelry, so you can use it as much as possible without wiping it. 7. More detailed silver jewelry can be immersed in a solution of "100 degree hot water + salt bar + aluminum foil paper" to redox! ※Small supplement of silver cloth The silver-wiping cloth cannot be washed, nor can it be used to wipe the glasses, because there is some polishing powder on the silver-wiping cloth, so it will not be effective after washing!


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