DIY material package this winter to be a fashionable kid, geometric style sweater for children

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Product content⊿ ■ The required fabrics are given as 1Y, 1.5Y, 2Y...and so on (the width of the fabric is fixed) ■ Hardware accessories _ Zippers, hooks, etc. required for the style ■ Teaching lecture notes or teaching videos ☆ The fabric shown in the figure is the most suitable optional fabric for this style, and no additional price is required. The classro


DIY material package this winter to be a fashionable kid, geometric style sweater for children


Because the editor only has one goose paper, I have to admit that boys have a lot less choice in clothing than girls, so the matching is relatively simple! (This is a little comfort for moms who only have goose paper~laugh) There are definitely a few sweaters in the boys' winter wardrobe. Wearing a sweater in autumn and winter is like wearing a T-shirt in summer. Loose and comfortable version, adding more warm bottoms will not look bloated. With regard to collocation, whether it is loose work pants or narrow pants, the most classic is jeans, and they are all stylish! There are a dazzling array of sweaters on the market, and it's fascinating to choose ~~ In fact, you can make your own sweaters! Follow Janeshandicraft to have fun with the sweater and explore the mystery of the sweater! "Sweatshirt Tips"_Sweatshirt was born in New York, USA in the 1930s, when it was a tooling produced for cold storage workers. However, due to the comfortable and warm characteristics of sweaters, it was gradually favored by athletes, and soon became popular among rugby girlfriends and music stars. Sweater takes into account both fashion and functionality, combining comfort and fashion, and has become the first choice for young people's street sports. Its importance can be seen in general! What is novice friendliness? You can participate even if you have never used a sewing machine! Sewing can actually be very simple! One stitch. Jane takes you to sew the temperature of life~ ● Course difficulty _★★☆☆☆ ● Group purchase discount _ two (inclusive) or more travel together or a registration of two (inclusive) or more to enjoy a 10% discount ● The cost includes _ comfortable hand-made space / no private teaching content / ruthless material package-version of fabric hardware / sewing machine tools ● Teaching method _ small class teaching, flexible class arrangement (mainly according to the order of classroom appointments) ● Class time: Monday to Saturday, business hours 9:00 AM-20:30 PM 【About us】 In the 70s to 80s, Taiwan was experiencing an economic take-off, and the situation where every household was a factory was deeply rooted in people's hearts. Jane was born in that era. After a few hours, as long as I heard my mother stepping on the sewing machine, I felt familiar and relieved, playing on the piles of clothes of my mother, and lying on it even when I was sick... as if it belonged to me. When I grew up, I met hand-made by chance, and I felt like I was reunited again in another life, but I was so familiar with it. Turns out, this is what I was looking for~ The tiredness after get off work and the feeling of powerlessness with the baby are all wiped out by the happiness and tranquility brought by handwork. Learning is a shortcut to pamper yourself, and making it by yourself gives meaning to your own life style! Hope to break the definition of popular rivals! Incorporate fashion life elements into hand-made "Handmade can also be very fashionable! 』 This is a space full of hand-made treasures, suitable for friends to enjoy leisure time and happy hand-made! Every month there are popular hand-made courses information, providing customized products and teaching services. ▎Janeshandicraft needle. Like a slightly sweet fashion hand-made workshop ▎ Jane, the first-generation instructor of the brand owner/handcraft workshop, wants to tell you I am not a master teacher, so I don’t have a master teacher aura There is no internationally renowned exhibition deeds, so there is no brand markup There is only one opponent who wants to share it with you privately! - 15 years of hand-made qualifications - Women's clothing license level B and C - Bachelor degree certificate of Hand Sewing Society of Japan


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