Ice and Snow Amethyst Random Cut Face Shining Earrings Pure Transparent Natural Stone Light Jewelry Change Clip

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It is made of 14K gold or 925 sterling silver materials imported from the United States, matched with high-quality semi-precious stones of translucent water spirit, and free maintenance for life.


Ice and Snow Amethyst Random Cut Face Shining Earrings Pure Transparent Natural Stone Light Jewelry Change Clip


✧Product description Long-time collection of top amethyst & ametrine This material can't be seen elsewhere Nearly all-American grade each Transparent like ice Polishing method of fine polishing and extremely bright Wearing a soft sweater and scarf alone is very beautiful and fashionable ✧Use materials Amethyst / about 2cm in length Amethyst / about 2cm in length Natural freshwater pearl / about 0.3cm U.S. imports 14K GF accessories ✧Gem Archive Amethyst Purple is a color with high authority for religion and gods Judaism calls it a sacred gem Christianity is also honored as the gem of the priest The color ranges from lavender to deep purple Very rare citrine mixed in the same amethyst This crystal is called amethyst Shi Yu is honest, peace of mind Energetic love to complete, eliminate inner anxiety and confusion, and bring inner peace Place of Origin: Brazil, Uruguay, India, Sri Lanka The texture should not be exposed to direct sunlight, otherwise it will fade due to ultraviolet rays ✧Daily maintenance After wearing, wipe off sweat and sebum with a soft cloth or cotton pad Properly store in a zipper bag to isolate air and prevent oxidation For fine chain products, please always wear a bath Wash away sweat and sebum from jewelry ✧How to measure hand circumference Every bracelet will be made after placing an order So the length can be specified Please write your hand circumference (cm) in the remarks column after the order Please refer to the detailed method ✧Notes Webpage photos are all taken in macro, please pay attention to the size of the gemstones, do not buy as you imagine Natural phenomena such as all natural stone / asymmetry / ice cracking / black spots / cotton wool cloud / micro cracking Avoid wearing jewelry in hot springs and swimming pools Avoid pulling or bumping the gemstone, it may chip or break When using gold polishing cloth for maintenance, please wipe gently to avoid breakage When the color of the jewelry becomes dark, please clean and maintain it as soon as possible The products are all demagnetized by immersion in the moonlight before shipping For details, please refer to ✧About maintenance We support environmental protection and reuse and protect the earth All products sold have lifetime warranty and maintenance service Partial replacement of precious metals (14K & 925 sterling silver) may charge material costs The update of elastic bracelet cords is completely free Please send us a message in the photo station for the product you want to update or damage Please refer to the method ✧Commodity packaging Avoid unnecessary waste and excessive packaging The goods in this museum are all sent in simple packaging, please buy again if you agree Depending on the type of jewelry, bubble bags or kraft paper boxes will be used as cushioning materials Confirm that the goods are safely delivered to you For gifts or packaging, please go to the bookstore to purchase packaging materials Taiwan handmade Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan


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