100% Turkish Pure Cotton Woodcut Scarf, Shawl, Tablecloth-Turkish Tile çini

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Hi! We are the only Syrian hand-made brand in Taiwan. We exclusively create beautiful handicrafts for you. With friendly craftsmen and a friendly environment, we will accompany the Syrian people to rebuild their future and make life at both ends of the world better together.


100% Turkish Pure Cotton Woodcut Scarf, Shawl, Tablecloth-Turkish Tile çini


**▎Hand-made gifts from Syrian women make the world better together** https://cdn.store-assets.com/s/273259/i/19280741.jpg **▎100% natural Turkish pure cotton woodcut scarf, shawl, tablecloth, universal blanket|Turkish tile çini** From Turkish royal palaces, mosques, cemeteries, mansions to traditional buildings, have you ever been attracted by the gorgeous tiles inlaid on them? During the Ottoman Empire, Chinese porcelain craftsmanship was introduced to Turkey through the Silk Road. Among them, blue and white porcelain was popular among the nobles. Therefore, the pronunciation of “tile” in Turkish is very similar to “çini” and “China”. Since the 14th century, Turkey has combined mosaic decoration and polychrome craftsmanship, incorporating bright and unrestrained exotic colors, ethnic patterns and geometric lines. It has gradually developed polychrome craftsmanship into a cultural art full of local characteristics, and it has become the world-famous colored porcelain of Turkey today. Craft. This "Turkish tile" scarf, using natural dyeing, is specially hand-made by Syrian women in Turkey for Taiwan. A symbolic brick wall is used as a colorful woodcut print pattern, with simple color matching and two-color cotton tassels. Totem style easily integrates into your daily life! 100% natural Turkish high-quality pure cotton, which can keep out the cold and sunscreen. It can also be used as a multi-functional shawl, blanket, table towel, and universal blanket. It is skin-friendly and comfortable, light and burden-free! Take away a piece of "Turkish tile" old city wall, as if walking on an old street in a foreign country, and make yourself feel like you are in a pleasant moment of walking in the afternoon! **▎Gift details** **★Handmade|**Women's workshop in Çorum, Turkey, supports the income and language skills courses of 35 Syrian, Iraqi and Turkish women. **★Size Information|**Width 80cm, length 180cm, suitable for a variety of different girth methods. **★Natural pure cotton|**fabric and two-color tassels are all from 100% high-quality pure cotton from Turkey, a major cotton-producing country. **★Natural dyeing|**Madder root dye and environmentally friendly water-based textile dyes are used for woodcut printing. **★Natural touch|**Soft and light, skin-friendly and comfortable, not afraid of the hot weather in Taiwan! **★Additional points and embellishments|**The natural pattern with 100 points of healing, embroidered dots, and two-color tassels make you feel good after seeing it. **★Dustproof storage|**Each scarf comes with a cotton drawstring pocket, which is environmentally friendly and practical! **★Universal function|**can keep out the cold and sunscreen, and can be used as shawls, blankets, hanging cloths, tablecloths, and universal blankets. It can accompany you all year round. https://cdn.store-assets.com/s/273259/f/5602902.png **▎Other information** ★It is recommended that the first few washings be washed separately, hand-washed or machine-washed at 30-40 degrees, and placed in a laundry bag to avoid prolonged exposure to the hot sun. ★Natural dyeing, it is normal if the color fades slightly after washing or after many years of use, but it adds a retro and rustic texture! ★It is normal for natural cotton and linen products to shrink slightly after being launched, and will not affect the overall appearance and touch! ★Due to hand-made, the texture, shape, and color of each hand-made work may be slightly different, and you can feel the producer’s practical touch. This is also the fun and temperature that friends who love hand-made works are obsessed with; if you prefer standardization Please avoid buying goods to avoid misunderstanding! ★The color of the product may be a little different due to the difference in shooting light or personal screen settings. The color is subject to the actual product. **▎Brand story** We are Taiwan’s only Syrian hand-made brand "from Syria|Handmade gifts from Syria". We exclusively create beautiful handicrafts for you, and accompany the Syrian people to rebuild their future and bring life to both ends of the world with friendly craftsmen and a friendly environment. Better together. **Copyright © fromsyriatw|All rights reserved. Misappropriation must be punished|All products, texts and photos are our original or exclusive authorization to introduce to Taiwan, please do not copy, reprint or trade arbitrarily to infringe the rights of producers.**


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