Ashi_Marketing is King 2.0_The rules that must be learned to create sales flow

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Author: A stone | book degrees: 150mm x 210mm | Pages: 232


Ashi_Marketing is King 2.0_The rules that must be learned to create sales flow


Author: A stone Publisher: Bright Light Culture Book size: 150mm x 210mm Number of pages: 232 pages ISBN: 978-988-8716-28-9 【brief introduction】 This book is the new edition of "Marketing is King". Professional recommendation: Lin Zhichen (Chairman and Partner of AppWorks), Xu Jingtai (CEO of SmartM Century Think Tank), Chen Gangxiong (e-Banner Co-founder), Shi Jingheng (Founder of Shichang Mini Storage), Rudi Leung (Founder of Hungry Digital, former Digital Chairman of HK4As Hong Kong Advertising Association), Dr. Li Zhicheng (Chairman of Hong Kong Society for Marketing and Founder of Institute of Brain Science Effectiveness) Marketing is no longer a one-time random game played by "Duqiao". Through this book, you can learn to build a recyclable digital marketing system that can continuously attract customers. The market has always believed that marketing is to find the hot spots, one-off, and only for exposure. In fact, what you need most is to learn the marketing thinking of the new generation. This book uses building blocks as a metaphor to talk about marketing, because there are many misunderstandings in the market. For example, Facebook is too important. In fact, Facebook is just one of the building blocks in the marketing system. To build a system that can continue to bring business, it needs to be composed of multiple blocks. The book will explain the five building blocks for building a marketing system, including "Traffic", "Content", "Sweetness", "MQL Quality List" and "SQL Follow-up List". Through this book, you will understand that different industries need different building blocks to assemble suitable marketing systems, including B2B, B2C, selling products, selling services, education, etc. No matter what kind of business you are in, or your business has matured, or you just plan to start a business, or you are just purely interested in learning about digital marketing, this book is perfect for you. 【About the Author】 Ashi In the past, I studied online marketing to promote the products I designed, and has accumulated more than one million Hong Kong dollars in advertising costs on Facebook. Since then, I have developed a keen interest in marketing and recorded actual combat experience on the blog, thus accumulating a group of readers. Later, he was often invited to attend sharing sessions, and set up an "Internet Marketing Player" training center in 2015. Through online and offline courses, more than thousands of SME bosses from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Malaysia have been trained. He has also provided internal training and marketing consultants for many international companies.


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