[Tim] Xing kiln bamboo carbon-ceramic mug series _BC

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[Tim] Xing kiln bamboo carbon-ceramic mug series _BC


※ Because each piece are all handmade production, emphasis on natural, photos, and product color and size error may occur, please confirm that you can accept the re-orders, in order to protect your valuable consumer rights. **Bamboo charcoal energy pottery** "Bamboo carbon-ceramic" is Tim Xing kiln start exclusive cooperation with Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute to develop the technology in 2005, made of ceramic materials and the local release of the Nantou Chushan 4-6 years old Moso bamboo carbon products are "far infrared" help upgrading water and flavor ingredients, can also be worn as jewelry help blood circulation, currently Tim Xing kiln has successfully developed a "bamboo carbon-ceramic" tea wine, tableware, accessories and other products more than 30, more relevant technology of international standards, Taiwan Modern technology combined with an excellent example of local and Zirankexue of. __Bamboo carbon energy ceramic products fall into two categories: bamboo and bamboo carbon carbon-ceramic glazes__ __Bamboo carbon products pottery glazes and clay means are added to the bamboo carbon products__ __Bamboo carbon glazes glaze added only means of bamboo carbon products__ __Bottom works will respectively cover BC (bamboo carbon-ceramic) or BCG (bamboo charcoal enamel) as indicated__ / Size / Φ8㎝ × 7㎝ (handmade, about 3% to 5% of the size of the error) About 220ml / Material / Clay, Moso bamboo carbon powder, 1250 ℃, neutral burn / Operate and maintain / In normal use Do not use a microwave oven / Designers and brand profile / __Tim Xing kiln__ From Chichi, is located in Tian Xing kiln next green tunnel, was founded in 1955, is the traditional ceramic pottery kilns transition to modern representative cases, early production of traditional stoneware. 1980, third-generation owner Mr. Lin Qinghe towards a "Ceramics" combined "experience" creative and cultural business, Taiwan is to produce as the main extant in the oldest kilns. Chong has a kiln has been 60-year-old snake kiln. Won the election "1994 Taipei International Ceramic Fair" ten excellent companies, handicraft products Juried Exhibition 1994 Taiwan Ceramics class first prize in 2003 "Creative Lifestyle good case," 2004 "cultural and creative industries well-known trademark" 2005 "GSP excellent service standard Chapter "2007" technology house "in 2009, logged in as Nantou County cultural assets (historic building category), 2011 invited to participate in Tokyo home life Exhibition (Interior Lifestyle Tokyo), 2013 OTOP quality enterprise Award (National ten). Inheritance Taiwan pottery culture as the most important mission Tim Xing kiln, transition three decades continued to improve skills and the spirit of the brand reflection, production of many beauty and rich cultural heritage work, effort deep pottery, expectations of future Taiwanese ceramic works in the world, emitting . Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan, Chi-Chi / handmade production


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