Dailylike UV UV toothbrush sterilization box -06 lace flower, E2D02933

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● UV UV bactericidal power of 99.9% Bactericidal ability detected by KIFA ● Cover automatically disinfected 7-8 minutes



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Dailylike UV UV toothbrush sterilization box -06 lace flower, E2D02933


● UV UV bactericidal power of 99.9%
Bactericidal ability detected by KIFA
● Cover automatically disinfected 7-8 minutes
● 7-8 minutes after the power automatically shut down

/ Product Description and Story /
Seemingly clean and clean toothbrush, in fact, is a variety of viruses and bacteria breeding propagation, an important way to spread, brush your teeth in the routine, the mouth may be exposed to a variety of bacteria breed in the toothbrush, causing health hazards or many diseases The possibility of using UV UV disinfection function, can effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses in the bristles in a short time!
Dailylike portable UV UV toothbrush sterilization box, the fifth generation of oral sterilization toothbrush sterilization models, bactericidal ability through KIFA detection, high efficiency UV lamp sterilization (coliform bacteria, Bacillus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella ....), all kinds of Oral common bacteria, can be effectively sterilized to maintain the oral environment clean and tidy.

Size: 5x22x2.6cm / Material: ABS, light and easy to carry.
Bactericidal boxes on the back of hanging hole design, can be hung on the wall or hook.
UV UV germicidal lamp can block a variety of bacteria may be attached to the toothbrush, bactericidal power of 99.9%.
When the lid is closed automatically disinfected, about 7-8 minutes after the power will automatically shut down.
Lamp life of about 10,000 hours, the national certification testing agencies to verify, please feel at ease to use.
The whole group contains: Toothbrush sterilization box x1 + AA battery x2 (Battery power will decline due to time, if no electricity, please purchase).
Battery life: 60 days a day / lamp life: about 10,000 hours.
(Battery and lamp life, will vary depending on the frequency of use).
A total of 8 design, please go to the page to buy.

**Please note:
Please use pure water wet wipes or cotton swab stick a little water to clean the sterilization box, do not flush directly.
Sterile box non-waterproof design, try to dry the toothbrush on the water before sterilization.
Please be careful not to be affected by external impact, to avoid product failure.
Various sections of the color may vary, please consider buying before.

/ Product Size / 5x22x2.6 cm
/ Package Size / 24.3x5.5x2.8 cm
/ Material / ABS
/ Weight / 180 g
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/ Designer and brand profile /
Founded in 2010, Dailylike is a Korean designer brand based on DIY materials.
Dailylike comes from Daegu, the most developed city where fabrics are made in South Korea.
With the current trend of European and American popular scrapbooking DIY, specifically for the DIY handmade fans tailor made.
Dailylike team believe that the heart can touch everyone, our products from design to finished products,
Through various checks, through serious attitude, create a happy work, so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful design of small objects easily.
Dailylike hope that everyone can enjoy the good life in the United States and Japan through our design, and love every day, we are all together.
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