Fun small dish toy

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From the beginning of the weaning period, the baby is always curious about the tableware in front of the meal, and it is



Fun small dish toy

Japanese People-Fun small dish toy
★ Many counterfeits in the market and auction sites, please be cautious.
Can only be the exclusive distributor in Taiwan,
Japanese original company goods, goods security is guaranteed ★
Q: "Is the toy of the finger to make the baby's mind smart?" Is it true?
A: Yes. In the process of playing, the full use of the fingers can moderately stimulate the baby's brain and achieve the development of knowledge. The little baby is always curious about the things around him. Everything likes to pick up, pinch, and knock. In fact, this is the natural demand for the development of education.

From the beginning of the weaning period, the baby is always curious about the tableware in front of the meal, and it is most suitable for the "fun small dish toy" in this period. Soft material, don't worry about breaking or tipping over, no paint, bite and super peace of mind! 3 kinds of different shapes of small dish, bumpy fruit shape, food plate and rice ball and other fun toys, easy to take, in the process of playing In the middle, enjoy the different finger-flexible game, with a string attached, and don't worry about the toy being scattered!

Introduction to the game:
3 different types of small discs: grab, release, change, grab, stack, push down
Rice balls: catch, pull, shake
Food tray: take out and put in a rotating stamp
Bumpy fruit shape: depicting shapes to play with
PEOPLE's toys,
The same paragraph will be featured in the "revision or color change" design.
Every change is a new beauty attempt.
Therefore, the color of the product image is for reference only. When the version is changed or changed,
Please take the real product as the mainstay
Thank you everyone~

★ Peace of Mind guarantees the only exclusive agency company in Taiwan ★
Meets the "Japan ST Safety Toy Standard"
Also passed the "Japan Food Hygiene Law" test
Double the safety check to give you more peace of mind.
:::The Ministry of Economic Affairs Standards Inspection Bureau passed the commodity inspection:::
Mom develops a safe and inspiring toy
People's full range of products are environmental hormones.
In addition to the 67 chemical substances currently recognized as dangerous,
There are also chemical substances that are considered suspicious and are not added as much as possible.
The peace of mind that my mother bought, the baby is happy.
Brand Country - Japan
Place of Origin - Vietnam
Material--Small Disc-Hot Plastic Elastomer (TPE Plastic); Rice Ball, Food Plate-ABS Plastic; Rope-Nylon
Applicable age - 8 months~
1. Please use it properly under adult supervision.
2. Warning: This toy is not suitable for children under 8 months.
3. Disassemble and discard the plastic bag immediately. Do not put it on your head or face to avoid the risk of suffocation.
4. For safety reasons, if there is any crack or deformation, stop using it.
5. Please avoid the fierce play styles such as throwing, falling, throwing.
6. Please avoid direct sunlight.
7. Do not ride on top of the toy to avoid damage or falls.
8. Do not wrap the string around your baby's fingers to avoid the risk of blood flow.
9. In order to avoid falling, damage, etc., please take the body firmly when picking it up. Do not pull only the attached parts such as buttons.
10. Age is indicated as the reference for purchase.
11. Do not use hot water to clean, boil, microwave or pharmaceutical and various disinfection pots to avoid malfunction or deformation.
12. Do not wash with water. Wipe the area with a damp cloth.
13. Use safe and non-toxic paint, please feel free to use.
14. This product has passed the safety inspection of toys, please use it with peace of mind.


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