"Flower" magazine No. 29 - What is wrong with our language education

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"Flower" magazine No. 29 - What is wrong with our language education


Bimonthly, "boiled fish culture" published, published every single month, in business, triple, world, China, Kubrick, Page One, Eslite, Musical, Preamble, Yulin, Pastoral and other available.
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What is wrong with our language education
Xu Clang Kai first language
Xu Diqiang from the "back" to see the difference between new and old Chinese teaching
跂 no paradox of the era
Cheng Chiu Hung Chinese curriculum and exam reform without delay
Xu Diqiang how they learn Chinese language
Wong Chi Yi / Chan Wai Kin / Wang Yuejia / Li Bao Lin / Zhang Yi Lin love hate Chinese class
Huang Yi on the Chinese subjects assessment nuclear thing
Candy Cat New High School Chinese subjects perfection students

Special feature: "Flower" Book Award 2010: a husband when closed scholar
The book is hard.
Several years ago, one of the literary predecessors told us why "Flower" did not hold a book award. Different people proposed different measures of the book and gave more glory and encouragement to those who made the book. In fact, there are no shortage of book awards in the city, the book is elected smoothly, everything. However, everyone can imagine the award process, which inevitably is the collision of different values, but also eloquence and trick contest, complex and complex ......
However, if the "flower" to do a book award, it will be a bit different. As a result, we do not have the manpower and resources to conduct large-scale censuses. Second, we also secretly believe that a real good book will create its own measure, and sometimes it is impossible to find a common unit of measure between them. The book always makes us feel unique and incomparable, or, although it is lower than anywhere else, you still find it best for some reason -
Yes, we still like to say that reading is personal.
So we invited ten scholar, asked them to recommend a book of the year, and tailor-made for it an award. Word Flower editors also come to one foot, recommended six books of the year, and Zhang Guan Lee wearing a prize to them. May wish, everyone in the blog or micro-Bo have chosen their own annual book, the authority returned to everyone.
Book, you can not estimate the canal.

Emotional politics of baseball match

"After the 2009 China Game, the Chinese Baseball World Cup was caught in the worst match-fixing foul and takeover bribe in the history of the game. The scandals have been widened. By the end of 2009, the Prosecutor has sued several of the most prominent star players in baseball in Taiwan , The level involved in the case also seems to be the entire pellet, and dismissed the involved parties began to include the team coach. "

"Feeling Bad," "Suffering," "Shameful."

In his article "Escaping from China," Zheng Shengxun reecuted the Chinese Premier League baseball match-fixing storm with the cultural and political perspective of "bad feelings." The true cheating of the fans, this thoroughly bad feelings from the outset can not be described, and the emotional politics behind it, but also relates to the country and the moral and social feelings can not be easily reconciled tension.
Zheng Sheng-hsun said: "When it's time to talk about these bad words when stressing" accumulated experience value "," braveness, hard work going forward, "" persisting to the end, "and so on requires strength and progress, (though this is not the case) It is as if cold water is pouring on hard-working sportsmen; however, without trying to reveal these frustrations, shame, despair, or trying to explain the structural nature of these bad emotions, some of the stories may not be able to be said. "

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