Taiwan Formosa Retro T-Black

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Taiwan Formosa [turned to Taiwan after 90 degrees] All the goods are flipped, mirrored, and reversed by text, creating u


More Fun Cultural & Creative CO.

More Fun Cultural & Creative CO. ショップへ

Taiwan Formosa Retro T-Black


TaiwanFormosa [turned 90 degrees and became Taiwan]

Taiwan is the beautiful island of Formosa.
The island is surrounded by mountains, green forests and rich products.
There are thousands of life types that we can't imagine,
You should learn to respect this land,
Be kind to the ocean and the stream,
Get close to the environment in a devout manner and in the right way.
Breathe in the land and explore the new world,
Treat our island Taiwan Formosa gently.

T-shirts are made of 100% fully-combed cotton. In the spinning process, long-fiber processing is used. The process of full-combed cotton is more labor-intensive than combed cotton fabrics. The comber is used to remove short fibers below 1CM. Leaving a long and neat long fiber, it is able to spin a finer and softer quality yarn, called a fully combed cotton yarn, plus the use of the world's first three grades of cotton yarn to make its clothes softer and more comfortable. It is not easy to pilling the ball, and it can prevent shrinkage and make the hand feel more comfortable. Under normal washing and wearing, the neckline and the body are not deformed or loose, which is one of the best choices for the pursuit of high-quality fabrics.

The material of the clothes is made of more expensive MIT fabric. In order to reduce the damage to the skin, the resin dye is imported from Japan, so that after a full day of wearing activities and sweat soaking, it can be completely relaxed, soft and breathable, and top-quality skin.

[origin and material]
• Origin: Taiwan
• Material: 100% fully combed cotton
• Version: Popular version, suitable for men and women
• Printer: Screen three-color printing + thick board one-color printing

[Notes and washing methods]
• Wash the dark and light clothing separately.
• Do not use soft soaking, bleaching, fluorescent whitening agents and clothing softeners to avoid damaging the fabric.
• Do not let it wet, so as not to stain the clothes; please dehydrate it at a low speed and do not dry it to avoid shrinking the clothes.
• When washing, please keep the water temperature below 30 °C; please use neutral detergent; do not soak for a long time.
• Please put in a fine mesh laundry bag and wash it in a weak speed to maintain the product type.
• Ironing must be applied to the fabric with a layer of cloth up to a maximum temperature of 120 °C.
• After dehydration, hang in a cool place to dry.

#Remind you, because of the different body types of each person, the looseness and version of each style of clothing are also different. Before turning over the shelves of morefun, we will measure the details of the details to provide consumers with reference. Please refer to the "Dimensions" for information before purchasing.


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