Moroccan handmade dreams of desert wheat fields after the rain

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Moroccan handmade leather, the delicate motorcycle-style carved into your daily wear


Moroccan handmade dreams of desert wheat fields after the rain


The Berbers of the European population, whose real name is Amazigh! Amazigh, are a collection of North African aborigines of many different tribes. Compared to Arabs in the East, the time they live in North Africa is much longer. Just like Taiwanese aborigines, many aborigines were forced to migrate to the mountains or desert regions when the Han suddenly came. However, because In this way, the people of Amagasu preserve their particular culture well.

The design inspiration of this bag comes from the designer A meat backpack walking stop and go + free ride into the Sara desert border oasis trip. It was a little over three in the afternoon, right at the time of the Muslim prayers (someone who cares about the Taiwanese Muslims who converted him to be a teacher, someone cares) and then found a small mosque and went in and found an empty room with only one Large yellow-brown long-haired carpet, the carpet above is an entire piece like a rice, wheat filling the feeling of land preparation, a foot stepped on soft, warm.
After the prayer, the habit of settling quietly sit down, next to a naughty child leaning over to show me her hand henna (body paint henna leaf powder) is a flower, with four little dots on both sides, four A little cute combination. Four little tangles lined with rhombus or square represent seeds or wheat, meaning freshness and reproduction.

Meat: What is this?
Little girl: bread ~
Meat: ??
The grandmother's little lady appears answer: This is wheat, wheat can be made into bread
Meat: Desert kind of wheat?
Hard to conceal the old woman said smile: the wheat fields in the dream ~

Oh oh ~ ~ ~ ~
At that time, Os's heart os: "Allah please drop the amount of rain for the land, the little girl has endless bread"

You are carrying a human essence 欸, not a bag!

Moroccan handmade leather, the delicate motorcycle-style carved into your daily wear

Moroccan staff hand-carved leather and leather embossed.
Inspired by the design of Moroccan architecture walls, the art show under Islamic logic, the permutations and combinations of geometrical figures, the elaborate leather carving with elaborate Haipai style make the stiff leather look more elegant.
Highlights details: With traditional rope rope buckle buckle, each bag opening and closing are a healing.

About | Moroccan leather Moroccan
Morocco Moroccan; Moroccan In addition to the Moroccan, in professional leather is the word refers to the Moroccan leather is a Moroccan specialty of the delicate and flexible animal leather. Because of its high-quality feel and saturated and meticulous eating color, since the 16th century Europeans have been made Ladies gloves, shoes, also used to make luxury book cover, wallet, luggage and other luggage. Visual is usually saturated red, blue, black, green; feel is excellent soft but tough and durable. Adhere to the cheaper modern leather tanning process, all the leather humpback brand mint tea selection of the traditional millennium tanning technology, the hands touch is not just leather, is the history of human essence.

25 cm wide / 18 cm high / 10 cm thick

- Just received leather will be harder, after use, the Moroccan leather gradually softened, the color may also be slightly darker, the surface brighter, the more pleasing to the eye.
- Moroccan leather due to non-scale industrial dyeing, water friction may discolor dyed leather, be careful not to carry the rain!
- No special maintenance, if you insist on the maintenance, the general use of cow leather cream maintenance Hello.
- Because bags are by the Moroccan Uncle, aunt naked eye measurement, handmade, small size differences, leather surface treatment caused by small scratches or leather birthmarks, hand rubbing uneven color, sewing threads did not cut clean, etc., Both may find the handmade differences of these Maeilian masters with the traces of the sea school. Because of this, all bags are unique, only one !! If good friends want to buy the same two can privately us, but I can only try to find the material to do for you. Because each one looks different, this is our Moroccan romance, we can not expect everyone to understand and love, but we are passionate about you also love the hand, love unique, like Morocco.
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Moroccan handmade


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