Goody Bag - 好韵福袋群山版 / Smiley Flower

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The limited double blessing bag allows you to taste the half-life tea in one go!


Goody Bag - 好韵福袋群山版 / Smiley Flower


『**山****照林**』 Taiwan has 268 mountains of more than 3,000 meters, which is one of the highest mountain density areas in the world. However, in addition to the mountains, Taiwan is located in the leafy forest belt, which is an excellent environment for the natural growth of tea trees. Shansheng is fortunate to have a limited blessing bag to let you taste the good taste of Taiwan's mountains and forests! 『**笑笑花乌龙**』 Unmasked purity, wrapped in soluble banana fruit, and silky. It contains a fragrant flower with rich fragrance and rich foliage. It is a common tree species in Taiwan. It is also known as banana flower because it has a unique banana fruit fragrance when it is released. Shansheng has the privilege of combining the characteristics of both Taiwanese tea and flowers, and adopting the ancient method of fragrant scented tablets, using the fragrant oolong as the base, scenting to the smiling flowers and fragrant, layering and staggering day and night, when the tea is full of aroma, then manually sifting The petals reduce bitterness and odor, and the solid process achieves the scent of sweetness and harmony. 『**half life****cooked oolong** Shansheng is fortunate to pass on the "Double-Carbon Baking Method". The pine branches and longan charcoal are constantly smouldering, the charcoal roasting is fragrant and mellow, and the warmth flows back to the rhyme, swaying and brewing the tea that allows you to stop for half a lifetime. Yi Pin. 『**凤凰****小叶红**』 Shansheng is fortunate to carefully select the summer leaflet species "soft branch oolong", the exclusive fermentation and simmering process, slowly transforming the fresh buds of the rich rhyme, bringing you the freshness of the fragrant fruit and the sweet and mellow. 『**凤凰****oolong tea**』 Shansheng is fortunate to choose a single variety of soft-orange oolongs from Fenghuang Mountain. The tea has soft texture and rich pectin content. The glutinous rice and the exclusive tea-making process create a sweet and mellow taste. - "**feel the same mountain life****How fortunate**" Product Name / Goody Bag - Good Yunfu Bag Mountain Edition Origin / Taiwan Nantou Content packaging / Taiwan original leaf three-dimensional tea, original leaf loose tea Content Weight / Laughing Flower Oolong 10 Pack 30g, Half-cooked Oolong 6g, Phoenix Leaflet Red 4g, Phoenix Oolong Tea 6g ±5% 『**Tea bag material**』 There are a lot of tea bags on the market, but which ones can stand the test? Regardless of tea bags, cotton threads, labels, we have passed the test. Different from traditional tea bags, it is no longer a chemical fiber cotton cloth, no longer a flat rigid. Heat resistant PET mesh, triangular solid tea bag. Non-toxic aseptic food filter material, fresh raw leaves can be seen, so that tea has more room to stretch, tea soup is more unrestrained! 『**Recommended brewing method** Hot bubble method | Take 6g of tea leaves and infuse it with 150 cc of boiling water for about 60 seconds. Cold foaming method | Take 3g of tea leaves into 600 cc of normal temperature boiling water, and chill for about 6-8 hours to enjoy the refreshing taste of cold tea. The soaking time is adjusted according to the preference. Remind you that the tea should not be soaked for too long, it is better to taste the aroma and return to the taste! 『**Verification unit**』 This product has passed 405 pesticide analysis tests by Tsinghua Biochemical Technology and has been insured for product liability insurance up to 10 million. - 『**Shansheng is fortunate** We are fortunate enough to be able to feel the same with the fertile land and forests in Taiwan. But have you ever thought that people are independent individuals, have rich world emotions, and mountains and nature? Of course, the mountains are also natural. Shansheng has the privilege of integrating the same temperament and process, which makes the taste of the cup unique and emotional. It is not a reasonable consistency. Therefore, I sincerely hope that it can suit your heart and feel the good fortune. - "Taking the forest as the root of the people" △ Self-cultivated tea garden / Centennial tea history in Fengdingshan Mountain Tea Garden in Nantou. △ Raw materials are carefully selected / 100% Taiwanese tea, sensory evaluation method to select first-class quality original leaf tea. △ Safety verification / All tea products are tested and tested by 405 pesticides by Taiwan Tea Biochemical Technology. △ Literary design / tea, is the connection between man and mountain, the birth of the solar terms and life. △ Friendly environment / Retreat by solar energy, and get along with the mountains in a balanced way. △ Tea Science Promotion / Combine the culture of origin with literature and design, and strive to let more people drink the beauty of Taiwan's mountains and forests. 『**This tea does not take the bag with the initiative. If there is any demand, please let me know in the note**


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