100% natural hand-made snacks [beef beetroot Leica] dog cat suitable for pet food

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Beef and beetroot are rich in iron Helps hematopoiesis while maintaining the heart The two are mixed and then hand-press



100% natural hand-made snacks [beef beetroot Leica] dog cat suitable for pet food


• No preservatives and no burden, old dogs/cats are also suitable
• Made in Taiwan • Content 75g±3g

**feature of product**
Adhere to 100% pure meat production, no soy protein, starch, artificial flavoring and preservatives,
What's not in your kitchen, we'll never add! !

Did you help the baby choose snacks?
It is not enough to eat fresh food every day. Beware of poor quality snacks so that your baby can eat too much chemical additives!
Excessive processing and adding will cause physical burden, increase allergies and destroy intestinal health.
Therefore, we insist on simple food, human food grade, low temperature slow drying,
Make the same peace of mind and healthy snacks you can make in your own kitchen.

**Commodity ingredients**
Beef, beetroot, rosemary

**hardness degree**

**storage method**
Unopened, please place in a cool place, valid for 365 days after the date of manufacture

※ intimate reminder:
1. Small packaging can make you fresh and easy to use
2. Unpack, please put sealed or refrigerated
3. Parents please give and escort in appropriate amount

1, in order to avoid pets to eat when the throat, please according to the size of the pet size, after cutting and feeding.
2, do not eat built-in deoxidizer, if the package is damaged do not buy.
3, due to different characteristics of each batch of ingredients, and no pigment adjustment, if the appearance of a color difference is normal.

**Origin / manufacturing methods**

-------------------------------------------------- -----------

● Brand Introduction

Natural10 Natural Foods was founded in 2014.
It is an Asian pet fresh food brand created according to Asian dietary habits.
And it's a healthy pet diet based on human dietary requirements.
Focus on ingredients, sources, and freshness of ingredients, and never use combination meats and synthetics.
The desire to bring to busy but health-conscious modern owners,
A new choice for a safe, natural, ready-to-eat pet staple food.

Natural10 Natural Food not only eats and sees the original food.
Make more use of local fresh ingredients in the local season, procure and produce on the ground,
Subtract the nutrient loss caused by freezing, storage and transportation during the production process, and at the same time be more environmentally friendly!

● Four major brand concepts

• Natural ingredients
Adhere to no preservatives and chemical additives, let the hairy child eat real food, and get a sense of satiety from it
• Five Elements Balance
With reference to natural Chinese food supplements and five elements of health, design a balanced diet suitable for dogs
• Local production
A large number of domestically produced ingredients are used to encourage the conscientious cultivation of the same production on this land.
• Environmental protection concept
Local priority will reduce CO2 emissions from transportation and make products more environmentally friendly

● Peace of mind is our responsibility

• The manufacturer passed the national GMP and CAS dual certification.
• HACCP food safety control system certification
• Raw material passes SGS pesticide residue and bacterial count test
• Imported meat products with quarantine certificate
• Guaranteed no preservatives and chemical additives
• Product is insured for product liability insurance

● Corporate Social Responsibility

• Support adoption without abandoning
• Promote the promotion of pet family welfare


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