[Hank coffee] Sumatra Lin Dong East Mentine round beans three hand-selected (half a pound)

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[Hank coffee] Sumatra Lin Dong East Mentine round beans three hand-selected (half a pound)


Product: Sumatra Lin Dong East Mentine round beans three hands (half a pound)

Sweet herbs, caramel, cream, chocolate, solid taste
Sumatra Sultan Lindong District Mentingen G 1 three times hand election
SGS tests this batch without pesticide residues

Recommended brewing: any brewing methods are appropriate

Baked beans: Hank
City & Guilds English City Professional Association International Barista Authorization Center Review Manager
SCAE (Special Coffee Association of Europe) Coffee Diploma System
2013 SCAE Coffee Bean Evaluation Level 1 (Level-1)
2013 SCAE Coffee Baking Master Level 1 (Level-1)
2013 SCAE Coffee Sensory Identification Level 1 (Level-1)
2013 SCAE Gold Cup Extraction Theory Level 1 and Level 2 (Level-1, Level-2)
2012 SCAE European Fine Coffee Association Barbecue Certified (Level-1, Level-2)
2013 Taichung City City coffee local characteristics of industry counseling program
2014 SCAE European Fine Coffee Association Gold Cup, Barista, Coffee Appreciation Three Examiners
2013 National Airport Cup coffee tea drink creative competition review
2012-2010 WCE World Cup Coffee Master Taiwan Challenge Sensory and Technical Review
2012-2011 TSCA Taipei Coffee Lawn Competition
2011 WSC World Cup siphon pot master Taiwan trial
2008 WCE World Cup Coffee Master Taiwan Tournament Award
Yuan Peike University / China Science and Technology / Dahua Institute of Technology Department of catering technology lecturer
Taiwan Philips Coffee Division certified lecturer
Taiwan Weekly with coffee fragrance to start life facial features / on-the-radio radio coffee life aesthetics interview
Association of self - reliance Industrial Foundation coffee appreciation aesthetic class instructor
Public Technology Research Institute / Science Park Science and Technology Living Museum coffee life beauty class instructor
Taoyuan / Hsinchu / Miaoli District to save the country group of coffee up to people training training instructor

Intimate little caution:
■ Immediately after opening the bottle into the opaque container, if you can achieve better vacuum effect, and the container placed in a dry and cool place.
■ Kaifeng, it is recommended to use within two months to ensure that the quality of coffee drinking.
■ Can the coffee beans be kept in the refrigerator? If the usual use of cold coffee beans grinding, extraction, extraction temperature will be lower than usual, the coffee taste will fade, aroma will be weakened. The rest of the coffee beans in the bag will follow the deterioration. Because open the cold packaging will fog, and instantly increase the bag of coffee beans in the water, open the bag and remove the beans and immediately sealed the opening, just this will increase by one percent of the water, originally intended to save for a long time, but instead The deterioration of coffee beans.

Origin / manufacturing method
100% imported raw beans


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