"Word" magazine No. 27 - bitter

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"Word" magazine No. 27 - bitter


Bimonthly, "boiled fish culture" published, published every single month, in business, triple, world, China, Kubrick, Page One, Eslite, Musical, Preamble, Yulin, Pastoral and other available. Partial stock is limited and is on sale. The theme of "bitterness" is that the literary magazines that do not want to face youth are only happy, happy and superficial. They hope that they can literary language lead to precipitation and introspection. At the same time, they hope to understand the situation and hard work of others and thus make themselves open. In an overly cheerful consumer society, "bitterness" must be suppressed at the mass media level; once presented, it is undeniably extremely sensationalistic and painful is always dissipated in the form of consumption. We pay attention to the disaster, tears, donations, forgotten. The Symbol of "Suffering" in New Literature by Zhou Zuoren. The two, after turning quietly into the silent bitterness of Zhou Zuoren, remained unacceptable at the end of Zhou's attachment to the enemy; Huang wrote the disease in a gentle and gentle language like the dialogue in the water. His poem, "Jellyfish Ode to Songs," directly portrays an image of a jellyfish gently floating in an invertebrate, cleverly complimenting the language of its beauty with the condition and desire of a patient suffering from pain and suffering, Of the bitter melon will be social events as a variant of the capture of the current social problems: the bitter melon in the summer is the hot food, but the bitter melon girls caused people's impatience; Liang Wen Road handle the suffering of sentient beings: anger, he repeatedly quiet Tone, and light genre, from the observation of social groups, to the personal life of the trivial investigation, from heavy to light, from large to small, to grasp this emotion. *** Overworked, we are born again Worker's Literature Award "A specter of ghosts and communism, wandering across the European continent ..." The workers who seemed to be far away from us, also hovering in some kind of "ghostly" attitude: a few forgotten but actually lingering, and at the same time, they were destined to return. The discussions and repercussions arising from the legislation on minimum wages and the ups and downs in all walks of life all have to make Hong Kong society must face the exploitation, restlessness and uneasiness experienced by workers. Literature, on the other hand, is precisely a tool that has been used by servants and oppressed to testify, resist and think about this era. At the same time, it represents an attempt by us to write, read, and reconnect into a community. Eighties of last century, Hong Kong has held four workers Literature Award, many well-known poets, such as drinking river, Deng A blue, also was the worker literature prize winner. Today, twenty-six years later, due to the emphasis on workers' literature, it is planned to present the contemporary significance of workers and labor. For example, how can we understand the scope of workers / workers covered? Office workers sitting in the office regarded as workers? What kind of writing mode, can show a worker's perspective? Ye Ailian wrote the office girl, showing the image of workers in the office. Su Yi-chang traces back to a simple genealogy of Hong Kong worker films and examines how the collective identity of Hong Kong workers forms with the current situation and the overall political and economic situation. Gao Junjie put "craft spirit" in different contexts of labor and contemporary cynicism, trying to find out the meaning of resistance of this work ethic. In addition, there is a detailed report and interview on this worker's literature award so that readers can follow the progress of the activity. *** Other exciting content: Implant Liang Bingjun. Jiang Qiongzhu. Chen Kehua Literary kitchen Cao Shu Ying ╳ Liao Wentang Xu Di Qiang recite righteous song Du Jiaqi talk about commercial birds Origin / manufacturing methods Hong Kong


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