[] Lost and find a long stretch of natural stone strand flower wax hand with Dan Caiguang

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[] Lost and find a long stretch of natural stone strand flower wax hand with Dan Caiguang


[Introduction] Priceless not only gorgeous flashing gems, each gift from the natural world, the same unique no different. Intermediate work with labradorite stone as the main, this strong IPL, flashing in the sun super With labradorite, This designer made low-key and put the focus on the center of the flower protruding strands of gray natural stone position. Easy style costume was appealing quietly watched ♡ In order to meet more needs of different customers, to do new strap are also not behind the adjustment position, guests please select the desired length and style tell the designer to adjust the position Wax rope woven from Germany, more three-dimensional modeling, more durable and will not become loose. Welcome to the Stone Age design. [STORY] Toilet paper / Letter two strange girls / Couple craft home a designer hand painted drawings A letter from the beginning of the story: 2015 day Designer inadvertently received a letter from a distant mountain strange woman sent a letter: Hello, I live in the mountains of a mom, hope I am interested to be able to earn more money at home ... (deleted under a few hundred words) This letter caused thinking designer, As a designer what not rich can do for other people? Mom has a pair of good long hand made Chinese knot, The designer is to use good long ...... head? Designers spend a lot of time looking for information to find to find teaching materials Paint. The Mission Impossible sent Mountain: us! Two strangers continue to work together, learn and grow together. mom:! I do a lot of times can not do the following sense! Designer: You help me complete it, I'm not good at, I feel something on! Two each in different places of the stranger, Different languages, Different physiological time, Slowly complete together a piece of work. Each one also spent a lot of effort. Fate will meet us in the future life casts ripples Which? (Laughs) Now let's happened each other's lives are a little too much sweet. Wants to see you, my partner. We hope that our story and our work has been a stranger who appreciate, The third protagonist of this story, will you? / About Lost and find / 【brand introduction】 Lost and find, a story of fashion and accessories brand. Each brand has its own piece a "lost" and "looking for" story. We hope that the guiding thought and exploration family life in a small forgotten memories through fun way, the process they are no longer simply the identity of the owner, but we work and live have a mutual custodial trip, a Fuzzy master-servant relationship. [Designer] Bear Wan (Hong Kong), a love story of people write down. Origin / manufacturing methods Hong Kong


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