Vintage French linen white tablecloth_Hand embroidery JO

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The texture of French linen is excellent, and the embroidery is meticulous. This JO tablecloth is medium-sized, with a good drape and few obvious stains. It can be placed on the porch table, dining table, locker, or even a picnic or decoration. It is suita


Vintage French linen white tablecloth_Hand embroidery JO


In the European flea market, there is always no way to collect hand-embroidered linen. Although it is easy to have doubts such as "easy wrinkles" and "dirty", But in the layout of the home, as the background texture of the photo, All are indispensable and beautiful. Especially the fine texture of French linen, a slightly handy yarn, The meticulous splicing of the hollow, the beauty of the embroidery, The way to handle the stitching with the edge is the best choice. This JO tablecloth is medium in size and has a good drape. You can place a porch table, a dining table, a locker on the locker, or even a picnic or decorate. A variety of home applications are quite suitable, please refer to the different ways of using photos. There are no obvious stains, and the edges are delicate and complete. Several embroidered traces, as well as hand-embroidery marks (red diamonds) Everywhere you can see the cherished love of the home goods from the predecessors. **Product desciption** / Size / Length 78 x Width 78 / Material / Linen / Status / Overall good, about a few years of use and embroidering traces do not affect the use (See the photo markings for the traces of embroidered and small old stains.) **/ Buy a small reminder /** The old antiques found in various places have undergone years of baptism. Maybe some traces or imperfect small nicks, Does not affect daily use, if there is obvious 瑕疵 will be special notes, Please also see the status description of the product introduction and welcome the details. Appreciate the unique beauty of the old pieces, It is also a way for us to love things. __Most of the design houses are non-new and fragile old pieces.__ __If it is not seriously damaged, no return service will be provided.__ __Customers who are striving for perfection, it is recommended to think carefully before buying.__ __Please forgive me, thank you.__


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