Guose Tianxiang/big peony/carnation/diffuse table flower

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The fashionable Sola floral works can absorb essential oils and slowly evaporate into the space, combined with dried flowers of the same color, appear simple and elegant. Can be matched with essential oils and gift bags. Gifts for personal use are suitable.


Guose Tianxiang/big peony/carnation/diffuse table flower


The "peony" symbolizing wealth and the beautiful and respectable "carnation", combined with the happy "hydrangea", the "Tong Caoju" symbolizing family harmony, combined with essential oil fragrances and diffuser stones make gifts not only beautiful but also functional Sex. Let the pragmatic mother receive the gift so happy. Combining the beautiful Sola flower with your favorite essential oil can not only bring good mood, but also bring full positive energy. If you want a special color part, you can also discuss it with the designer! 【Work Specifications】 Size: length 10x width 10x height 18cm Material: cement basin, solar flower, dried flower, immortal flower Gift bag: You can purchase an additional 20 yuan each Suitable environment: dry environment Volatilization time of essential oil dripped: 3~5 days 【Precautions】 1. Flowers are all natural materials and fragile, so they will inevitably fall off during packaging and shipping. Perfectionist, please do not buy. 2. It is made from the fresh flowers of the season. If the flowers are out of stock, they will replace them with the most suitable flowers. If you cannot accept them, please do not buy them. [Essential oil purchase] Want to make gifts richer, or paired with essential oils? (Original ecological own brand essential oils, quality and affordable) [The original ecology of NatureWorld was founded since 2010] In 2010, a young man in his 20s, with a beautiful dream, hoped that the world could be better, and hoped that more people would pay attention to the beautiful coexistence of themselves and the environment while consuming. The founder Yen thinks that the most beautiful appearance in the world is the original ecology. If a plant is to grow beautiful and healthy, the best growth environment is the original environment. This is just as most of us like our hometown and even like to be immersed in the big Among the natural beauty, this is because we humans are also part of nature, and the earth is our hometown. Each of us has a responsibility to protect this planet. The original ecology studio is a gardening company. Through the combination of physical and Internet channels, we strive to be more integrated into the human life circle. In addition to living plant ornaments or dried flower products, we have made many handmade products. We look forward to letting consumers use them with peace of mind. In addition to paying attention to the quality of product ingredients, we pay more attention to the environmental problems caused by ingredients and packaging methods. The rapid consumption habits of modern people often create a lot of indegradable garbage or It is pollution. I think this problem should be returned to the manufacturer, and at the same time cultivate consumers' sense of consumer responsibility. In addition, we have also launched an experience course combining fragrance and floral art with the changes of the seasons. We hope that the ancient wisdom of more plants can be spread out and heal more people's hearts, let love pass out, and create something good for people and also for the earth. Good, a consumption model with a sense of mission.


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