Wine Flower !!【爱神-Aphrodite】Dry flower wine tying flower tying flower gift wedding

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[Eros - Aphrodite Aphrodite] dry flower bottle tied flower


Wine Flower !!【爱神-Aphrodite】Dry flower wine tying flower tying flower gift wedding


-about the Lord God Eros - Aphrodite / Venus Venus: She is a god of love and a god of beauty, and can deceive all gods and mortals. Also a goddess of love, for those who have her tricks, She always has a sweet or mocking smile. Her charm can't stop, even the wise man can't help her. There is beauty in the place where it is, in front of her, the wind stops blowing, the storm is gone, The fragrant flowers are dotted with the earth, and the waves in the sea reveal a smile. She walked in the light. No matter where she is, she has joy and has lovely things. This is the scene that the poet loves to describe it. Aphrodite has the most perfect figure and appearance in ancient Greece. Symbolizes the beauty of love and women, It is considered to be the highest symbol of female beauty. Flower language: self-confidence, pleasure, charm Color: red, pink, white -about goods The wine ties are mainly decorated on the bottle. It can be used as an embellishment when giving a wine ceremony. Let the wine be full of expectations before the opening. It can also be used as a wrist flower for special occasions. - about size The overall diameter is about 10-15cm Flower surface width of about 6-8cm - about care Flowers are dried for about 3-6 months. Avoid moisture or direct sunlight Use a small broom to remove dust - Precautions *Flowers and dry flowers are all natural species. It is inevitable that there will be wrinkles or small spots. We will try our best to eliminate them when making them, but we can't guarantee 100% perfection. If you care about not buying them. *Photographs are taken in real time. Because they are handmade and the shape, size and posture of the flowers are different, there is no way to make the same photo with the product, but it is guaranteed to give you the same style and atmosphere as the photo. * In case of dry stock out of stock, the match will change slightly, but the overall color feel is the main. * Accessories, such as wrapping paper, flowerware, ribbons, etc., will be replaced by similar containers or accessories when out of stock. * It is normal for the risk of shipping on the delivery of floral goods and the dropping of some flowers. *If you are seriously damaged after receiving the gift, please contact the photo and text within 24hr. TFC will handle it according to the situation and will not accept it if it is overdue.


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