The strongest spell! Lucky bracelet # 6 thin blue

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The strongest spell! Lucky bracelet # 6 thin blue


The strongest spell! Lucky bracelet # 6 thin blue

Fearless self - confidence, like the beach on the beach to occupy the territory;
The tide has a lot of ability and ease.

Tarot big eighth card "power"
To Rouke just advance and retreat, self-confidence of the sun and satisfaction with the enthusiasm,
Know how to use their own qualities to face the challenges of everyday.

Material ◆
- cotton thread, electroplating small tag
- size 12.5-26cm (free to adjust the elastic)

◆ jewelry maintenance instructions ◆
- wax on the wax line will slowly reduce with the use of time, this is a normal phenomenon, does not affect the wear.
- gold / silver plated jewelry will be due to sweat / wash hands and other factors caused by oxidative fading, this is a normal phenomenon.
- plated gold jewelry gold non-gold, with the use of habits and time will gradually fade, not to pure gold standard treatment.
- 925 silver jewelry oxidation phenomenon can be wiped with silver cloth gently wipe, can restore luster.
- 925 package K gold jewelry non-permanent plating color, the surface of the K gold cladding will still be due to wipe and collision and other factors caused by fading, please try to avoid wiping silver cloth wipe.
- If you have a lot of swimming or bathing water, it is recommended to remove the jewelry first to reduce the long-term exposure to cause possible oxidation fade.
- usually do not wear, the proposal may be for the folder chain bag (goods will be included) in the collection.
- Avoid direct contact with perfume and direct sunlight

Aftermarket problem
- if the customization of goods, in addition to goods flaws, the rest of the non-return service
- If you need to modify the size after receiving the goods, you will need to pay back another postage and additional production costs

The last last
- as a girl who likes to hang a tinkling pendant on the body, like your own accessories is a unique and unique, wearing a belief with the daily every night, hoping to buy jewelry in LabSAMAZAMA or any small things are Can have the best memorial to you.
- all kinds of incurable diseases can be a message asked, polite:)

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