[Chemical Beauty] Adrenaline sterling silver earrings

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▲The Beauty of Chemistry-Adrenaline Earrings▲ [Size] Pendant about L 3.8 × W 2.3 × H 0.8 cm [Earrings] can be changed i



[Chemical Beauty] Adrenaline sterling silver earrings


▲The Beauty of Chemistry-Adrenaline Earrings▲

[Size] Pendant about L 3.8 × W 2.3 × H 0.8 cm
[material] 925 sterling silver
[Earrings] can be changed to ear, ear clip type (figure 5 on the right), please leave a message in the note to change for you.
【Packing】We will use our hard shell package and put a small ribbon on it.
[Caution] Since the appearance of chemical molecules are designed and manufactured in accordance with the arrangement of the real molecules, the structure will be slightly fragile. Do not collide, squeeze, or pull strongly, which will cause deformation or even fracture. If any damage is caused by human factors, repairs should be charged. After the order is placed, the representative will accept the matter.

▲Chemical introduction▲

It is a hormone and neurotransmitter secreted by the adrenal medulla and is also a drug, 3,4-trihydroxy-N-methylphenylethylamine. Adrenaline is used to treat a variety of diseases, including systemic allergic reactions, cardiac arrest, and surface bleeding. Inhaled adrenaline is sometimes used to improve the symptoms of croup. Plays a very important role in the fight or flight response, it can increase blood flow to the muscle, cardiac output, promote pupillary magnification and blood sugar rise. Exercise is a physiological stimulus that causes the secretion of epinephrine. It was first demonstrated using a cat's denervated pupil, and was later confirmed using a bioassay of a urine sample. The main physiological triggers for epinephrine release are focused on stress, such as physical threats, excitement, noise, lighting, and high temperature environments. In fear movie experiments, subjects injected with epinephrine showed more negative and more Less positive facial expressions. These subjects had more intense fear and greater negative memory compared with the control and control subjects. The results of this study show that there is a learning relationship between negative emotions and adrenaline levels. These findings can be attributed in part to the effects of epinephrine on physiological sympathetic responses, including an increase in heart rate and knee shaking, which can result in feelings of fear.

Chemical formula: C9H13NO3

▲Environmental packaging▲

We think of too many jewel box guests and our beautiful earth
Designed environmentally friendly packaging for everyone to choose
Everyone's jewelry will be placed in the zipper
And wipe the silver cloth, note the small card in a small homemade envelope
Finally it will be protected with bubble kraft paper envelope bag
Security is sent to you everywhere.
When placing orders
Special notes explain environmental protection packaging
Will give you $150 coupon for your next use

▲Maintenance methods and precautions ▲
◆ When not wearing, please store it in a transparent zipper bag to isolate the air and prevent the normal oxidation of sterling silver products.
◆ With silver polishing cloth can do maintenance wipe.
◆ After wiping silver cloth, there will be black stains. This is a normal phenomenon. Please do not perform the cleaning operation on the silver cloth, and the special ingredients will be washed away and lose their effect.
◆ When you make a hot spring, remember to take off your silverware to avoid darkening your product.
◆ Avoid contact with chemical agents, which will damage the product.
◆ Enjoy free maintenance service for one year. Please send us $35 postage back. Thank you.
◆Because all the products are hand-made, there are some slight differences with the photos, and you can only accept orders.
◆Because the structure of the chemical series is designed and manufactured according to the real molecular structure, the structure is slimmer and more fragile. Do not squeeze, pull or twist it hard. It will seriously deform or even break. In addition, it is not recommended Wearing, easy to squeeze deformation, but also easy to pull to the necklace and cause breakage. All of the above are listed as damage caused by human factors and repairs need to be charged separately.

▲ About Bésame ▲

Bésame means "kiss me" in Spanish, symbolizing confidence and adventurer courage.
Jewelry is not just jewelry for us.
It also tells countless stories and the owner's spiritual characteristics.
When we meditate, give us inspiration and support!

We hope that our jewelry will bring people self-confidence and courage, with unique memories, has always been so old to accompany.

✉ If you have any questions or customization issues, please contact us by mail or email. Thank you.
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