Blessed shared wineware | 鹫冢贵纪 | tone glass wine glasses

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Since the ancient times, Toyama has had the custom of “gift (happiness) to share with neighbors and friends”. Therefore, Toyama Design Center has designed a food gift card with the theme of “Happy Gifts”, which has been well received by the locals. After t



Blessed shared wineware | 鹫冢贵纪 | tone glass wine glasses


Yuezhong Fushan Craft Gift | Blessed Sharing Wineware | 鹫冢贵纪 | tone glass wine glass Immediately after the first bomb, "Blessed Sharing Small Discs," the "Blessed Sharing of the Public Cup and the Wine Glass" was also held by well-known companies in Fushan County with the staff and designers. Uniform use of the public cup capacity of about one (180ml), wine glass of about 30ml of a small size, through the representative process of Toyama County and the unique thinking of the creator, Create a series of wines with a variety of shapes and materials; once again, enjoy the unique craftsmanship from Toyama. The random combination is also quite beautiful, and it is best to use it as a gift. Together with the blessed shared small dish, it will make your table even more gorgeous. The flavor of the same wine will vary depending on the vessel! Welcome to find your own wineware. | 鹫冢贵纪 | tone glass wine glasses | In Toyama, Izumi City, I am engaged in glass making by mouth blowing glass technique. Because of the calming tonality, it deliberately reduces the unique luster of the glass, making it close to the ideal finished atmosphere. The author believes that basically the production of an item is a series of repeated assignments. It is important to feel a sense of stability from such repeated work and to see the extension of the essence of design from repeated work. Can be used as a wine, small pot, flower, etc.... a multi-purpose style. In addition, its gentle gray exudes a calm and calm atmosphere. The slightly grayish chic color, in many items, but more highlights its simplicity. | Product specifications| • Size: H55 x φ78 (mm) • Material: Glass • Technology: Glass Blowing Technique • Manufacturing: 鹫冢贵纪 • Design / Origin: Japan | Notes | • Avoid using in an open flame, electric stove, or microwave oven as this may cause a fire. • Stop using it immediately if it is found to be damaged, notched or cracked. • Avoid using it with a knife, fork, spoon, etc., or save the above items. • Avoid long-term immersion in water. In order to maintain the life of the product, please wash it as soon as possible after use, and wipe off the water stain with a soft cloth, then wipe with a dry cloth. • Avoid exposure to the sun or high temperatures. Otherwise it may be deformed, discolored or moldy. • When greased or fingerprinted on the surface, wipe it off with a soft cloth or paper. • Avoid using a melon cloth, abrasive powder, or dishwasher. • Glass is not heat resistant glass, and rushing temperature changes can cause cracking. Avoid placing cold objects when the cup is hot or placing it on a wet object. • Be careful when cleaning the inside. (Dangerous cleaning may cause damage to the product and cause injury).


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