Wine Gift Wine Gift Box + Potted Flora Palm Flower [Poseidon]

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Wine Gift Wine Gift Box + Potted Flora Palm Flower [Poseidon]


Wine Gift Wine Gift Box + Potted Flora Palm Flower [Poseidon]


-about the Lord God
Poseidon-Poseidon/Neptune Neptune
Poseidon is the ruler of the sea, the brother of Zeus, second only to Zeus.
The Greeks on both sides of the Aegean Sea depend on the sea for their livelihood, and for them the sea god is vital.
In addition to ruling the sea, Poseidon was the first god to give human horses, and both of them gave him the respect and gratitude of humanity.
As he drove across the sea in a golden car, the roaring waves immediately subsided, and the calming wheel came with peace. He is known as the "shake of the earth" and always shows up with a trident.
Planet, Neptune is named after Poseidon's Roman name Neptune.

Flower language: distinguished, heroic, and bright.
Color system: golden and blue

- about size
Palm flower
The overall pot flower height is about 12-15cm
Flower surface width of about 10-12cm

Flower wine gift box
The box is about 40cm long
The box is about 20-25cm
The box height is about 10cm

- about products
The flowers are all eternal flowers and dry flowers can be kept for about 3-6 months.
Avoid moisture or direct sunlight
If dust is available, use a small broom or blower to remove

- Precautions
*Flowers and dry flowers are all natural species. It is inevitable that there will be wrinkles or small spots. We will try our best to eliminate them when making them, but we can't guarantee 100% perfection. If you care about not buying them.
*Photographs are taken in real time. Because they are handmade and the shape, size and posture of the flowers are different, there is no way to make the same photo with the product, but it is guaranteed to give you the same style and atmosphere as the photo.
* In case of dry stock out of stock, the match will change slightly, but the overall color feel is the main.
* Accessories, such as wrapping paper, flowerware, ribbons, etc., will be replaced by similar containers or accessories when out of stock.
* It is normal for the risk of shipping on the delivery of floral goods and the dropping of some flowers.
*If you are seriously damaged after receiving the gift, please contact the photo and text within 24hr. TFC will handle it according to the situation and will not accept it if it is overdue.


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