American On2Pets, such as the live cat tree platform - four floors (square base)

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On2Pets from the United States is a cat jumping platform, a tree, or a home decoration.



American On2Pets, such as the live cat tree platform - four floors (square base)

**On2Pets from the United States is a cat jumping platform, a tree, or a home decoration.**
**Simulated leaves and trunks, the family seems to have planted a tree**
The soft green turf on the bottom, with lifelike leaves, not only cats can relax and hide and hide, but the cat slaves come home to see the pleasing trees, and they are refreshed.
★ It is a cat jumping platform, also a tree, or a home decoration.
★ Lifelike cat tree jumping platform, American design and manufacturing
★ Cat Tree Jumper can cat up to 32 pounds (about 14.5 kg).
★ It takes about 15 minutes to complete the assembly. It can be done by one person without any tools.
★ Cat tree jumping platform is recommended for indoor use.
★ Made of wood, carpet and artificial leaves, like a real tree, it is a healing product for you and your cat.
★ Tree jumping platform meets the cat's nature, play, jump, climb, grab, hide and relax.
★ The diameter of about 60 cm makes the platform more stable and difficult to dump.
★ This product uses natural and safe glue to make adhesion, even if the cat accidentally bites the leaves, don't worry.
↑ cat tree jumping platform - four floors (square base)
The turf is so soft and comfortable.
摆 Place a tree at home, meet the cat who loves to hide and lie
↑ completely relax and feel comfortable
↑ hiding in the tree and sleeping will not be discovered
The lines of the trunk are very realistic.
Lifelike leaves, as if planting a tree at home

◆ This product does not require any tools and can be installed by one person.
◆On2Pets cat tree jumping platform uses natural and safe glue to make adhesion, even if the cat mistakes bite the leaves, don't worry.

【Product specifications】
◆Height: After assembly, the height is about 5FT (about 152 cm)
◆ Weight: After assembly, the weight is about 32 pounds (about 14.5 kg)
◆ Origin: United States
◆With Chinese instructions, it is easy to assemble.

[Intractable diseases of cat tree jumping platform]
1️⃣️ "The cat will spit on the turf? 》
If it is the cat's beloved site, hiding in the nest, they can not bear to spit on the head ~ If you can't bear it, if you must spit, they will hold back spitting in other places, for example, the floor or the foot pad... (There should be no slaves Bed) 😄😅
2️⃣️ "The cat will eat the leaves? 》
Most cats don't eat bad things, at most they bite, it's fun, but if your cat has a record like eating a plastic bag, it's not safe to buy it.
In addition, the relationship between the kittens and the long teeth may bite off the leaves to play. If the leaves fall, please pick them up and use the adhesive to make the paste, which can be firmly attached to the branches.
3️⃣️ "Need watering? 》
The best part of this tree is "Nothing to do ~" still keeps the green and lush, very suitable for lazy you🤜🤛
4️⃣️ "Why do you recommend cat tree jumping? 》
We are a group of people who enjoy the living space very much. The white point is that the house is ^^, so I feel that it is a very good thing to make the home comfortable and warm. It is a wonderful thing to stay with the cats, although the cat jumping function in the room It’s great, but it lacks the atmosphere of integration with the home... If you can make the cat jump into the home’s decorations without the traces, you can enjoy the cat and the people with a sum of money, which is great~ So the ON2PETS cat tree jumping platform from the United States, we highly recommend it to you.

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