Bestmade Stand 3 log frame. Thin drawers. Gold beech color

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Screen frame height 8 cm or 15 cm, easy to play computer / natural wood on the table, natural warm / laptop & flat s



Bestmade Stand 3 log frame. Thin drawers. Gold beech color

商品説明 *“Introducing nature into the office with raw materials” Design Director, Wayne* Every natural oak wood screen frame, his color and wood texture are unique and will not repeat. Just like you walk into the forest, each tree has its own face. **[Head up to the chest and hit the computer to prevent neck and shoulder pain! 】** According to Grace PY Szeto, MD, of rehabilitation medicine, and Nachemson, a spine medicine expert, when looking down at the screen, the upper cervical and lower cervical spine angles of the neck are so large that the upper cervical extensor, the lower cervical extensor and the posterior trapezius are It's hard to pull the head, and the bow will lead the body to lean forward and even hunched, making the disc under a lot of pressure! **[screen frame height 8 cm or 15 cm]** Bestmade uses scientific principles to raise the screen by 8cm or 15cm with a screen stand. As long as you look up at the screen, the rotation angle of the upper cervical and lower cervical spine is small, and the nearby muscles can easily share the weight of the head. Not only is it not easy to stiffen, but also looks up. Will drive the body backwards, the pressure on the intervertebral disc is at least 1/4~1/2 less than the body's forward leaning, the waist is more relaxed, backache is painful! *"Released the desktop space, the home space feels more comfortable and more tasteful." ifans | Lin Xiaoxu, Top 10 CB bloggers* Industrial designer Wanye cooperated with the master and after 3 months of R&D, more than 20 changes were made to complete the new design with smooth sliding and no broken appearance. The side of the drawer looks like it retains its full woody feel without any traces of destruction by drawer tracks. *"Put the screen up, and you can make effective storage space underneath, so that the 3C neighbors can work on the desktop!" Stanley, founder of MACUKNOW* The Bestmade Stand has more storage space underneath the screen and can fit into an external hard drive, external drive, mini computer, expander, headset, etc., making the desktop space bigger! When reading or writing, you can let the keyboard mouse rest under the screen, put a book, a cup of coffee, and spend a relaxing afternoon. **【Harnessing wire material】** Power extension cords, screen signal lines, screen power cords, and pen power cords are fixed on the corners of the desk. With Bestmade Stand, you can use every space wisely to make your desktop refreshed, efficient and work-easy. ● Founder Atwood: Graduated from National Taiwan University of Finance and Technology, and once served as EZTABLE's chief technology officer. He hopes to create the best ergonomic products and make everyone happy to work! ● CFO Claire: For every penny, every number is very persistent, to ensure that products are delivered on time to every supporter. ● Industrial designer Wayne: The simplest design is the best design, return to the human life style, and let furniture serve people. ● Graphic designer Shi Dongyi: A young literary figure graduated from the Department of Philosophy. Every picture has a point of view. ● Wooden Cheng Hou Zhiqing: 15 years old began to learn wood crafts, single artwork & production furniture will not fail him ● Wood carving master Wang Zecang: a knife in the end of trimming method, using traditional crafts to create a one piece curved wood style ●Photography Wu Jianhua: Wedding photographer, grasping the vivid expression of the screen stand ●Director & Producer Grace: Personality girl from New York, looking forward to one day, with Taiwanese brand stationed in Fifth Avenue in New York **Screen height and weight** ● Screen stand body 1.4 kg ● Screen stand with 2 kg package ● Screen stand 65 cm wide X 8/15 cm high X 22 cm deep ●The volume below the screen is 61cm wide X 6.5\13.5cm high X 22cm deep ● Drawer 61 cm wide X 2.5 cm high X 15 cm deep ●Drawer volume 59 cm wide X 2 cm high X 15 cm deep ● Board thickness 1.5 cm, weight 30 kg, placed 27 吋 iMac good ease ● The outer box volume is 23 cm long X 67 cm wide X 8 cm high ● Due to thermal expansion and contraction due to temperature and humidity, wood products have an error of about 3% to 5%. 30 days trial if you feel unfit or unaccustomed, Send back to Bestmade headquarters at your own expense and we accept unconditional returns. 1 year repair warranty, welcome to return home regularly, Bestmade re-grinds the surface of your screen shelf for free, oiled and waxed. Taiwan's home island is home for one week, Hong Kong & Macau SF Express arrives home by air for 1-2 weeks Origin / manufacturing methods Origin: Taiwan, handmade Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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