Bencao 100% pure honey for sale in Japan's top honey autumn honey limited sale


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    700g x 1
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    Fall in love with honey Exclusive autumn flavor ... Autumn honey ~
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    / Own bee farm /
    Bencao has its own bee field .... Our bee field for many years exported to Japan, in recent years more exported to the EU, 30 years has been an important access road partners, there is no small sales in Taiwan, after joining pinkio this year is particularly small Packaging here to share with you the natural top pin level honey.

    / The main source of honey, harvest date, harvested /
    Autumn honey, November 106 harvest, Changhua coast
    / Size, size, size, weight /
    Weight: 700g * 1
    The main provenances of honey: Taiwan's Luan Shu, Xianfeng Feng flowers, sea Po ginger, purslane ....

    Fall in love with honey
    Exclusive autumn flavor ...

    Autumn honey ~
    Low moisture often used as a medicine guide, the sweetness of autumn honey has a lower exclusive sweet and sour ...
    This year's Taiwan Luan Shu honey oh ~ ~ ~

    Alice took you to read the inspection report ....
    Screen by the test report
    Analyze project result notes
    Sucrose Sucrose ------------------------------------------------ ------ ND A (ND means no sucrose)
    Total Acidity ----------------------------------------------- ------ 8.5meq / 1000g. A
    (Honey contains a small amount of organic acids and inorganic acids, due to the high sweetness of honey, so the sour taste easily covered by the sweet synthetic sugar due to the use of fructose sucrose, acidity easily due to the rise of time and therefore the detection of acidity is honey testing standards One of the important projects.National grade A honey standard total acidity must be below 30mepH .... So acidity is better ^^ ~ Acidity test and eat acid is not the same ㄛ ~)

    Hydroxymethylfurfural 5-hydroxymethy1-2-furaldehyde (HMF) ------ ND A
    (HMF is a product of browning or deteriorating such as sugar and fructose, the lower the better, the lower the ND)

    Diastase number ------------------------------------- 14.3 A.
    (Amylase value is an important indicator of honey amylase activity and biological activity of honey is to determine the merits of honey and an important indicator of true and false, the national first class a honey amylase value of 8 our 14.2) ^^ ~

    Please check the photos for other tests.
    The first one is honey
    The second is the queen milk
    Why do you want to put the queen milk test?
    A: Because we are the normal production of bee must have Royal milk (honey, royal jelly, pollen)
    And royal jelly milk is available every day of the year (only the amount of output) Because the bees are living together (honey, royal jelly, pollen) are produced by the same beehive, so to send the royal jelly test antibiotics is the most accurate. Products that are usually produced all year round are not available in season-wide products, if not.
    Let's say ...
    Our royal milk .... Kwai acid content is particularly high, just like our honey ^^

    / Honey story /

    Honey, the honey that honey bees produce from the nectar of flowers in the flowering plant. Honey bees take nectar or secretions with about 80% water content from the plants' flowers, store them in their second stomach, and ferment them back into the hive after 30 minutes of fermentation under the action of invertase in the body. The honeycomb temperature Often maintained at about 35 ℃, after a period of time, the water evaporates into a moisture content of less than 20% of the honey, stored in the nest hole, sealed with beeswax. In addition to the composition of honey, glucose, fructose, also contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. 1 kg of honey contains 2940 calories. Honey is a supersaturated solution of sugar, low temperature crystallization will occur, the crystallization is glucose, not the main part of the crystallization of fructose.
    Origin / manufacturing methods
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Bencao 100% pure honey for sale in Japan's top honey autumn honey limited sale






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