Golden Triangle Retractable Document Card Set Work Permit Identification Card Lanyard Wooden Leather / Ebony

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The Delta Golden Triangle is a stylish and easy to use work card set. It has a eye-catching "Golden Triangle" design. It is made of wood and cowhide with high quality texture and each piece has a unique natural wood grain. It also has a reinforce



Golden Triangle Retractable Document Card Set Work Permit Identification Card Lanyard Wooden Leather / Ebony


| Designers say |
Commuter card sets are often very embarrassing personal belongings, they need to be hung on the body every day, but the common products lack design sense. Even if the user is big-name or well-matched, a mediocre and cheesy card cover can make people fall short;

The Delta Golden Triangle is a stylish and easy to use work card set. It has a eye-catching "Golden Triangle" design. It is made of wood and cowhide with high quality texture and each piece has a unique natural wood grain. It also has a reinforced storage scene with a transparent card slot on the front, an oversized mezzanine in the middle, and two storage layers on the back for easy commute.

1) Super high value
Delta uses minimalist geometric elements as the design morpheme, highlighting the "Golden Triangle" as the core of visual recognition. "Gold" + "Triangle" reflects an enterprising and lively aesthetic temperament, with a youthful and soft color scheme. Taking into account the compatibility with everyday clothing, and ensuring it as an eye-catching accessory, it can reflect the user's personality and unique aesthetic taste.

2) Commuter artifact
Transparent card slot on the front for easy storage of identity information commuting documents (work cards, admission badges, other identification documents) and daily inspections, coupled with high-quality lanyards that can be stretched (cortex + metal high), adapt to different heights The user swipes the card scene to provide the user with a smooth and easy-to-use commute scene experience;

3) Multi-size storage
The back of the ferrule provides a double-layer storage space, which is convenient for storing standard items such as ID cards, bank cards, business cards, etc. The middle part is specially designed with a large mezzanine storage space, which can accommodate various specifications such as banknotes and bills, and is equipped with brass buckles. Simple opening and closing, stable storage;

4) Intimate details
Delta is divided into fog blue + rosewood (male), apricot powder + Wujinmu (female models), cool black + ebony three styles, men and women leather ropes also made a differential adjustment according to the average height difference between male and female users, male The rope is one inch longer than the female rope (3cm), and strives to provide a user-friendly experience.

5) Original material
The fabric is mainly made of the original wood-creel + Italian top-quality cowhide. From the perspective of touch and look, it is close to the texture of the big-name leather goods. The exclusive wooden leather material of the opening is the precious wood (sour branch, Wujinmu). The leather texture is both skin-friendly and still retains the unique natural texture of each piece and the warmth of the wood. The selection of brass textured hardware enhances the overall value of the card and is more common than common plastic parts. Durable.

6) Exquisite crafts
The leather edge process is used for the leather edge of the luxury brand leather goods, manual hot stamping and precision stitching.

|Product Description|
Size: 11.3cm X 7.2cm X 0.3cm
Material: ebony leather, top layer cowhide
Net weight: 135g (including packaging)
Place of Origin: Hong Kong

| Tips |
Since cows produce stencils, small scars, and growth textures during growth, it is inevitable that fine black spots, light black small scratches, and regular colorless textures are all within the normal range.

|Maintenance method|
1) Leather is prone to mold when it is wet, so it should be stored in a dry place for long-term storage.
2) Dust-covered leather can be gently wiped off with a soft cloth or brush.
3) The part of the leather that is not used for a long time needs to be wrapped in dark paper (kraft paper), placed in a dry and ventilated place, and it is not easy to change color when it is not seen.
4) Pay attention to reduce the friction of the leather, otherwise it will cause the leather surface to become black, and the multiple skins are separated by paper.

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Origin / manufacturing methods
Place of origin Hong Kong


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