Italian Sheepskin Bow Hairband_Dark Blue

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The designer of "KAREN W. STUDIO X TIPSY Leather Goods Joint Hairband" has carefully selected soft and skin-friendly "imported Italian sheepskin". The bow shape design symbolizes the new life is the most beautiful gift to parents from h



Italian Sheepskin Bow Hairband_Dark Blue


"Handmade product specifications" ◈Leather material: Italy imported sheepskin ◈Leather bow size: 11.4cm x 3cm (error +/- 0.5 cm) ◈Elastic hair band material: American-made Lycra (skin-friendly material does not bite hair) ◈Elastic hair lead: No restriction on head circumference, adults can wear it. "Italian Sheep Skin Maintenance Instructions" ◈If the leather is in contact with water, you can use a dry cloth or paper towel to absorb the moisture, and then dry it in a ventilated place to avoid drying or heating with a hair dryer. ◈General cleaning, please wipe with a slightly damp cloth, avoid direct washing with water or rubbing with acid / alkaline lotion. ◈ Please avoid direct sunlight during storage, and avoid using sealed zipper bag to store leather hair accessories. It is better to store in a ventilated place. "Commodity Q & A" Q1: "Can adults wear elastic hair bands?" The designer replied: In terms of function, adults can wear it, but it is generally used as a baby's hairband. Q2: "Can elastic hair bands be used as hair loops?" The designer replied: Yes, but with a small amount of hair, it is easy to tie it tightly. It is suitable for children or adults with a large amount of hair. Q3: There will be marks on wearing elastic hairbands for a long time? The designer replied: The elastic hairband Dai Jiu does not guarantee that there is no mark at all. Having a mark does not mean that it is very tight and uncomfortable because the material is a type of "elastic fiber". Like elastic stockings, it will have a mark after wearing it for a long time! (The designer personally tested it for more than 3 hours and was completely insensitive. Because of the hair as a barrier, I can't see any marks.) ▴If you mind the imprint, please do not place an order! Q4: "How to clean the elastic hair band?" The designer replied: It is recommended that the elastic hair band be washed by hand and dried. If the elastic hair band is combined with other exotic materials such as leather, please refer to [Italian Sheepskin Maintenance Instructions]. "Return Policy" ◈Returns: Conditions of products that can be returned include defects in function or structure of non-customized products, damage caused by non-customized products due to shipping, and non-customized products that have not been unpacked. ◈Replacement: The conditions of the goods that can be exchanged include defects in function and structure of all goods, damage caused by the delivery process of all goods, and non-customized products that have not been unpacked. 皮革 Because leather is a natural material, please check whether the appearance is complete before receiving the product before opening it for use. If the product is used after being opened, the skin-care process will occur, the skin condition and color may change, and the product photos may have color differences due to various factors. After the brand products are sold, unless there are functional defects or due to the shipping process Damage caused, once opened, will not be accepted for reasons of color difference, leather defects and other reasons. If you have any questions, please ask by private message! Thank you ~ :)


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