Le Zang. Light Jewelry||Limited jade design and Mo blue green jade barrel bead bracelet, elegant appearance, imported natural crystal jewelry, more energy crystal bracelet

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Welcome to [Le Zang|⁠Light Jewelry|⁠] Ban Niang is convinced that the crystals and jadeites she wears represent her yearning and texture. Let the things you like become an invisible force to overcome various difficulties, I want to share this mood with everyone who needs energy and bring happiness.


Le Zang. Light Jewelry||Limited jade design and Mo blue green jade barrel bead bracelet, elegant appearance, imported natural crystal jewelry, more energy crystal bracelet


|Material/ Material| ▪Natural jadeite A |Accessories/Specifications| Color-preserving 18K real gold copper-clad accessories ➔ not easy to fade, long-lasting color retention, hypoallergenic Wire: Silk thread imported from Japan |Hand circumference size| The size of the hand circumference is customized. (If there is a decimal point in the actual hand circumference, please fill in the remarks column when placing an order) ==================== ● Jade classification Jade is divided into three grades: A, B, and C: A jade: The most natural jade is only cut and polished, that is, live jade, because the color of A jade will become brighter and brighter with body temperature, sweat and skin oil. B jade: The impurities are extracted manually to make the jade look clearer, but because the solid stone flower has been destroyed, it is easy to break. C jade: It is dyed jade. It looks beautiful, but it is very fragile. Not only is it easy to break, but the color will gradually fade. The dye directly touches the skin and is not good for the body. [Many of the shops are B and C jade, the price is low, but it will never be more beautiful, and there is no room for value-added. 】 ● Spiritual function "A person raises jade for three years, and jade raises one for a lifetime." The ancients said that admiring jade is beautiful, and gold is valuable and jade is priceless. Jade is buried underground for thousands of years or hundreds of millions of years. It has absorbed the aura of heaven and earth, so it has spirituality. Jade contains a lot of mineral elements. Therefore, people often say that people nourish jade and jade. If the owner is in good health, long-term wearing jade can nourish jade. , The head of jade, that is, the refractive index, will get better and brighter. On the contrary, if the host is not in good health, the jade will help the host absorb the negative energy, and it will gradually dim and even break apart for the host. The precious A-cargo natural jade is not only rich and beautiful, but also able to protect safety and prevent disasters. It has always been considered to have the powerful power of protecting the body and warding off evil spirits. It is favored by the rich and aristocrats, and it can open three fortunes: "career, love, wealth ." In addition, the female Dai Yu said: "Before marriage, Dai Yu is married; after marriage, Dai Yu is in charge of money and power." ==================== 🔸Natural stone tips • Every natural stone needs tens of thousands of years of accumulation to be born. Each stone is unique. Natural products may have ice cracks, mineral shortages, black spots, uneven colors, crystal cotton, etc. In the production process, La picks out the more obvious flaws, but perfection cannot be guaranteed. The inevitable flaws are also the charm of natural stone. If you cannot accept it, please do not subscribe! • The energy and characteristics of each natural stone are different, and there will be different changes due to the owner's magnetic field or the way of care. If you have any questions, you can chat and ask. ==================== 🔸 Use and maintenance Do not wear it for bathing, bathing, swimming, please keep it dry. ===================== ☀️ Purification method ☀️ • Do not soak in salt water • Rinse gently with clean water, please avoid metal/silver accessories! • Wipe immediately with a clean cloth • Daily can be placed on the "crystal cluster" for purification • It can be placed on a large or palm-sized "mineral sheet/pillar" or in a geode • It is recommended to expose the bracelet to the "sunlight before noon" for 3-4 hours every half month, and do not let the direct sunlight shine! Some crystals are afraid of direct sunlight, which will make the color of the mine body fade! For example: Amethyst. ===================== ✡️ Energy service ✡️ Before the crystal is shipped, it has been deeply purified with earth energy ===================== | Introduction to Efficacy and Functions|⁠ ✡️Natural crystal can produce current effect It’s the so-called [magnetic field], and some scientists have discovered that crystals can store memories! Each spar has its own [vibration frequency], [light wave energy], and [contained elements] that have different effects on people, so let natural Ores and crystals escape the influence beyond the meaning; if you like to explore the universe, mind and mysterious power like me, crystals and natural ores are the best proofs you can't miss! ✡️Corresponding chakra The chakras come from Indian yoga. Each chakra is used to explain the representatives of biological energy. There are mainly seven chakras, namely the sea chakra, manipura chakra, stomach chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, brow chakra, and crown chakra. When the energy of each chakra is stable, it means that the state of the body, mind, and mind can develop in a balanced manner, in a good state, and be able to handle various problems smoothly. However, when certain chakras are over-developed or excessively weak or blocked, they will cause the chakras to be out of balance and cause negative effects. At this time, the color light energy and energy vibration of crystals and minerals are used to heal the chakras, which is why crystal gems are worn Can help improve! ===================== 🔸All the halls are in stock, real shots, you can place orders directly if you like 🔸Welcome to pay attention, new products continue to be on the shelves 🔸It is normal for natural products to have cloudiness and lack of mines!


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