"NEW" white lace amaranth rose glass crystal ball music Flowers & Gifts


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  • **Remove the glass is movable from the box carefully! Bofang music to please the glass upside down to get good help or glass will fall**

    Out of white lace, etc. need to pre-order seven days does not accept urgent orders Oh


    The new glass crystal ball music Flowers & Gifts

    The use of Japan's top immortalized Rose

    Coupled with transparent glass flower crystal ball music

    The middle of the flowers with the music rotation

    Not only can be used as decorations

    You can also take as a gift to the most important person Oh

    Music for Sky City

    Top immortalized flower decorations can decorate 1--3 years will not wither wither

    Rotate video

    Rose Whisper a rose means "love at first sight" "Only You", "You are the only"

    Super fit had sent to confession / Valentine / courtship / wedding anniversary to send a crystal ball does not wither Flower Ceremony

    [Spot / Pre-Order]
    Please write to us before ordering
    Is there a need to pay out as the spot the next day from 5-7 days excluding holidays, etc.

    [Design Hall Trading Policy]
    This design museum does not provide Duplex / triplex with a unified invoices and invoice receipt Free
    After the next set from the date of complete payment within 3 days of payment over time will cancel the order
    Many bad records will not be able to make purchases Note pinkoi website
    Be sure to review the policy before buying transaction Design Hall

    Preserved flowers roses imported from Japan
    Produced in South America
    Rose petals have a soft velvet texture and features not easily broken
    Transparent glass with a white lace Crystal Music Box

    [What is amaranth ??]
    Amaranth (also called immortal flower star flower ﹑ ﹑ age freeze flower)
    The flowers with high-tech special treatment, dehydration and drying ﹑ ﹑ leg color processing program.
    Amaranth color ﹑ ﹑ look and feel no different flowers.
    Flowers only last seven days on the withered.
    Amaranth flowers retain qualities, and can preserve a long time (at least 1-3 years), is never withered flowers.

    [Dimensions and specifications]
    Crystal Ball Music Box Size: about 15 cm in diameter, with a total height of about 18 cm
    Japan imports Amaranth Size: diameter of about 6-8 cm high 5.5 cm
    With Preserved flowers never fade floral
    Crystal Ball Music Box Color: White lace
    When the crystal ball for the movable glass, remove it from the box and broke their attention on their own can not be a replacement as compensation

    **[Can be customized color]**---- (Photos will not work last flowering bloom bigger)

    Gradient powder


    New color orange


    New egg yellow color

    Rose pink cover as Sample Drawing

    Orange powder

    Berry Purple

    Cherry pink



    Red and black


    Is red

    [ Maintenance]
    1. Do not touch by hand or regular watering, do not place outdoors, avoid direct sunlight. (Direct sunlight will cause the petals fade)
    2. If there is dust on the flowers, use a hair dryer cold wind gently blow off the dust.
    3. If the room humidity, do floral prolonged exposure to air. (Too much moisture can cause the petals become transparent)
    4. Save the appropriate environment (humidity of 40% to 70%, temperature 4 ℃ ~ 30 ℃), immortalized Rose can be maintained 1--3 years, or even longer.
    5. Do not eating.
    6. If dyeing and garment contact happens, use room temperature water and mild soap to clean.
    7. Do not let the flowers straight into the refrigerator or airconditioning, will lead to fragmentation of the petals dried yielding condition.
    8. Each flower is made of machined from natural flowers, there are all the little differences of each flower color, shape and size. Dark and light-colored hydrangea flowers will be the case of dyeing each other as normal.
    9. eternal life spent in transit, there may be circumstances petals fragmentation, which is a normal phenomenon, defective or non-defective products. You can use eyebrow scissors to trim the edges of the petals finishing.
    10. How many color photos will be color of goods, the actual goods colors prevail.
    11. The glass is hand-blown crystal ball, the surface occasional small bubbles, each group is slightly different, such as the exquisite perfection, please consider after ordering.
    12. because freight prices to adjust prices please include

    Send [packaging]
    Goods send time: You can not specify - through home delivery due date specified delivery sent, they repeatedly ignore the specified delivery date, cause problems with our guests, so the Design Hall provides no specify the date of service to send goods like him to forgive me
    Multilayer packaging box comes packaged in a thick paper use and maintenance instructions Delivery Send
    (Not attached to the card / beautiful gift wrapping paper, please get the goods like him to forgive yourself ready packaging)

    **Be sure to confirm the day of receipt of goods unpacking merchandise integrity, such as the delivery of goods during severely damaged, received a letter from the reaction and photographed the goods within 24 hours, it is expected will not be responsible**

    [Product-related issues]
    Please let me know
    (Message Reply / service time Monday to Friday - day six days / national holidays)

    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Made in Taiwan handmade
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"NEW" white lace amaranth rose glass crystal ball music Flowers & Gifts





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