Champagne Purple Gold Metallic Perfume Essential Oil Necklace Hand-made Pottery Gold Porcelain Carving

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Hand-made colorful porcelain essential oil perfume necklace, with the beauty of purple gold and the crystal of porcelain, with a beautiful texture. There are small holes in the work to inject fragrance products, allowing you to carry fragrance energy anytime, anywhere.


Champagne Purple Gold Metallic Perfume Essential Oil Necklace Hand-made Pottery Gold Porcelain Carving


[Introduction of this hand-made porcelain essential oil necklace] The part that shines with purple gold is pure gold attached to the porcelain surface after being fired at a high temperature. Use special techniques to make the gold reveal the shining purple gold, which is amazing! Wang Rong's hand-made porcelain sculptures are all hand-made, hand-sculpted, glazed and painted. After many kiln firing steps, it takes many days to fire, and finally find the most suitable aesthetic metalwork accessories for the work. Create a unique high-quality porcelain art jewelry. [How to use hand-made white porcelain essential oil necklace] There is a small hole at the top of the work for you to inject your favorite essential oil or perfume with a syringe. It is recommended to inject a small amount. The inner wall of the porcelain beads can absorb the taste, and the holes help to diffuse the fragrance, allowing you to carry the fragrance energy anytime, anywhere. [Features of Hand-made White Porcelain Essential Oil Necklace] ●It can easily absorb fragrance energy anytime and anywhere. ●Essential oil is injected into the inner wall of the ceramic beads to penetrate the pores on the surface of the ceramic beads, and the fragrance becomes more and more intense in the process of time brewing. ● Porcelain beads are formed after thousands of degrees of kiln firing, and there is a protective glaze to protect the surface of the porcelain beads, so you don’t have to worry about pure essential oils harming the work Each essential oil can be safely presented, so please feel free to use it. ● There is a high-temperature protective glaze on the ceramic beads, which effectively delays the volatilization of essential oils, depending on the consistency of the essential oils. It can last for several days after each injection of essential oils. After the essential oils evaporate, they can continue to emit a light fragrance for about two weeks. ● Porcelain writers purely hand-made unique works, bringing out the wearer's own beautiful brilliance. 【Accessories Description】 The size of the work is about 1.6cm, and a free wax rope is provided. You can choose either 45 cm (to the collarbone) or 60 cm (to the chest). Both have an extension chain of 5 cm. **The wax rope can be exchanged for a leather rope at a discount (the leather rope is used for the photos shown) *The works are all handmade, and the product photos may have a little color difference. If you have any concerns, please contact me to confirm. *Each piece is unique by hand. The natural color of the glaze is not controlled by humans when it is fired in a thousand-degree kiln, so it cannot be exactly the same as the photos displayed on the website. . If you have any concerns, please contact me to confirm.


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