Polar Bear Blue Series General Bib

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Super delicious #熊熊果冰Do you want to have one too:)


Polar Bear Blue Series General Bib


About this "General Bib Pocket" The baby's skin is very delicate and we choose soft cloth#二重纱made Don’t irritate your baby’s delicate skin, please rest assured Ma Ma, sisters The U-shaped large area has a large water absorption capacity and even a baby with a lot of saliva is not afraid to miss it :) - The general polar bear has two colors: dark blue & light blue Dark blue https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6ff4831d19345/image/data/photo12_1.jpg - Light blue https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q6ff4831d19345/image/data/photo15_1.jpg - Is it really cute #熊熊果冰包色 giving away is absolutely no problem :) - About this general bib pocket "Fabric used" Table-Japan imported double yarn x1 Medium-absorbent double yarn x2 (Choose Taiwan-made products that have passed SGS inspection for moisture absorption, perspiration, and ventilation) Inside-use skin-friendly double yarn imported from Japan x1 (selected by designer) The choice of four-layer double yarn fabric is not only strong in water absorption, quick-drying, but also more breathable than general materials It is suitable for all seasons. Besides decoration, it is also the best meal for babies. - About this general bib pocket "Size" The horizontal length of the outer ring is about 21.5cm The longest outer ring is about 30cm in the straight direction Neck circumference is about 31㎝ Suggested age: 0~3 years old (different due to different body types, please refer to the product size above) - About the "packaging" of the bib pocket Buy branded bib pockets with more than 3 pieces will be shipped in a gift box (If you don't need a gift box, you can leave a message to inform) The best birthday gift for babies - About the bib pocket "Washing method" It is recommended to use a laundry bag for hand washing and machine washing Do not dry clean, bleach, or dry Wrinkles and shrinkage of fabrics are natural phenomena In order to avoid deformation after drying, it can be flattened by hand and then hung to dry in a cool place. If necessary, use the iron to iron at medium and low temperature - "Other introduction" about bib pocket Soft texture Strong water absorption Japan imported fabric Double-sided production can be used according to mood A variety of patterns allow Ma Ma and babies to change colors as they like The inner fabric is SGS inspected for qualified quality. Best gift for Miyue/One-year-old - 『Other matters needing attention』 The distribution of each pattern will be slightly different due to hand-cutting The color of the buttons and the inner cloth are all matched by the designer and will not be selected The color of the product may be slightly different due to the screen, etc. In order to protect the health and health of the baby, we provide return and exchange services for the wrong products. Please excuse me - About the "origin" of the bib pocket The outer layer and inner layer are imported from Japan The interlayer is made of Taiwan SGS qualified fabric Local production in Taiwan


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