【Handmade Soap】 Rhythm-Sports Coffee Soap-70g

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A soap specially designed for people who love sports, using coffee particles to deeply clean pores and soften the stratum corneum. Contains coffee particles to soften keratin, suitable for general skin.



【Handmade Soap】 Rhythm-Sports Coffee Soap-70g


**| Zen Style Handmade Soap** Zen style, tradition and nature The display of the big arms embracing nature is like the strict ritual system inherited from Confucianism. And blend the delicate and gradual packaging in the simplicity, giving the hand-made solid feeling. **| Rhythm** Regular exercise helps to maintain healthy body function, reduce mental stress and maintain body shape, The hot bath after exercise can quickly restore the best state of mind and body. "Rhythm" is a soap specially designed for people who love sports. It uses coffee particles to deeply clean pores and soften the stratum corneum. Blending natural plant essential oils with moisture, in one breath and one breath, to reconcile the balance between body and mind, completely relax yourself. __Contains coffee particles to soften keratin, suitable for general skin type; available for whole body, shampoo, face washing and body washing__ Boiling wormwood into soap, reduce physical and mental fatigue, purify and remove skin surface contamination, enhance skin vitality; The coffee particles deeply cleanse the skin, soften the cuticles, regulate the oil balance, Smooth and non-tight, refreshing pore contraction effect, make the skin appear fine and smooth, provide fresh and comfortable skin touch; Adding essential oils such as cinnamon, wormwood, lemon, pink grapefruit, etc., can help reduce the feeling of burnout, and it is more sensation after exercise. **| Specifications** Weight: 70g + 10% / piece **| Ingredients** Grease: wormwood-soaked olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, canola oil, rice bran oil. Liquid: pure water, wormwood. Essential oils: pink grapefruit essential oil, lemon essential oil, Cuban balsam essential oil, cinnamon essential oil, verbena essential oil, thyme essential oil, wormwood essential oil. Additives: coffee granules. **| Guarantee** All materials of our handmade soaps are taken from nature, using vegetable oils for food and essential oils of plants and plants to make soaps by traditional condensation method. Never use artificial colors, interface activators, preservatives, foaming agents, etc., so that you can use health and peace of mind. **| How to use** Moisten soap with water on hands, rub and lather, apply to body cleansing, rinse with water. **| Note** After use, please dry in a cool place to extend the life of the soap; do not direct sunlight and avoid moisture. **| About Gangge selling soap** Gang Ge Mai Soap was founded in 2014. It was founded in the form of micro-enterprise in line with caring for the health of family members, combined with the concepts of environmental protection, cultural creation, and public welfare. Holding public welfare activities. Each soap is made according to the traditional process for up to 140 days. Its ingredients are only vegetable oil, granulated alkali, and grass essential oil. In addition to adhering to the industry, more importantly, consumers are willing to wait and continue to support.


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