Yili Manor 2020 Immortal Flower Glass House. Table Rose Bonsai | Meet Morandi | No Withering Flowers

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The rectangular glass house is matched with the new favorite of the trend [Pink Rose Eternal Flower], which not only symbolizes eternal love, but also contains a pure heart, low luxury but dazzling like jewelry.



Yili Manor 2020 Immortal Flower Glass House. Table Rose Bonsai | Meet Morandi | No Withering Flowers


**Yili Manor 2020 Immortal Flower Glass House. Rose Bonsai | Meet Morandi** The most discussed color system is definitely not Morandi. Colors that are not saturated but very relaxing, from all kinds of small life objects to fashion boutiques, make people indulge in the calmness of the soul. The florist specially matched the glass flower room-shaped flowers, the elegant and generous flower gift, so that you can easily meet Morandi at home. 【Flowers】 Rectangular glass house, immortal rose, immortal hydrangea (purple/pink blue), black ball, EC white ribbon, white solar flower, white golden rod ball 【Packaging materials】 Elite Concept Small Green Bag Wrapping Paper 【size】 Length 12.5cm*Width 12cm*Height 14cm 【Preservation method of immortal flowers】 1. Do not water or touch it frequently. 2. Do not place it outdoors and beside windows, avoid direct sunlight. (Direct sunlight and light will cause petals to fade) 3. If there is dust on the flower, please use a hair dryer to blow the dust off gently. 4. If the room is humid, please do not expose the flowers to the air for a long time. (Too high humidity will cause the petals to become transparent) 5. Store in a proper environment (humidity 40%-70%, temperature 4℃-30℃), immortal roses can be maintained for 1-2 years. 6. If staining occurs in contact with clothing, please wipe gently with normal temperature water and soap. 7. Do not allow the flowers to blow air-conditioning directly or put them in a refrigerator, which will cause the petals to dry and crack. ※Floral plants are not general products. Flower plants will change due to seasons, climate, and temperature. If there are differences, shortages or poor quality of flowers, plants or flowers, they will be adjusted and replaced by the designer according to the flower market. The flowers are presented according to their equivalent value. If you have any needs or questions about floral design, please call Elite Concept Yili Manor, and a professional designer will serve you. 【Order Description】 ※The product preparation time is 3 working days (excluding six days or national holidays). If you plan to receive the goods on D day, please place your order before D-3. ※If you need to change the delivery information, please contact Elite Concept Yili Manor 2 days before the delivery date. 【Delivery Method】 ※Ili driver special delivery & black cat delivery delivery. ※Please handle the flowers with care and outlying island delivery services are not provided.**special delivery of Yili drivers is only available in Taipei City and New Taipei City (Xizhi, Sanchong, Banqiao, Xindian, Zhongyonghe area), and all outside designated areas are delivered by black cat delivery (please pay attention to the delivery process, if the flower gift is damaged No return or exchange).** **※For a single order of 2500 yuan or more, you can enjoy free shipping for a single delivery address**; less than 2500 yuan, you will receive 300 yuan for shipping. In the event of unavailability of delivery in special remote areas, a special person will notify you separately. 【Pickup Service】 A dedicated person will contact us to make an appointment for the pick-up time; available pick-up time: Monday to Friday 09:00~18:00 on weekdays / Venue: Yili Manor Exhibition Center, 8F, Courtyard by Marriott Taipei Leofoo.


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