【New Year Gift】The Avengers Infinity War Doctor Strange

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Commodity features: The Beast Country launches exquisite collection dolls, composite materials and high-quality coloring techniques based on movie characters, and reproduces the classic shapes of characters. Collectors should not miss it!


【New Year Gift】The Avengers Infinity War Doctor Strange


A battle between heroes and villains for gems, making the 2018 hit "Avengers: Infinity War" (Avengers: Infinity War) a wonderful but also very tragic battle for the Avengers! Among them, the various dazzling and gorgeous secret magic special effects are definitely the most amazing fighting scenes in the film, and they are also the exclusive skills that fans wish to have with the "Supreme Magician". The EAA (Egg Attack Action) series "Avengers 3: Infinite War" is based on the latest movie styling of "Avengers 3: Infinite War". The new "EAA-072 Doctor Strange" (Doctor Strange) 6-inch height Moveable dolls, exquisite movie prototypes and exclusive Q-version styling design, to create an exclusive Egg Attack style Dr. Strange head sculpture, from the character charm to the delicate lines on the magic floating cloak are fully reproduced, and the design team allows players to reproduce the strangeness The complete scene of the doctor's magical magic, especially with up to 17 pieces of occult special effects parts and multiple replacement parts, as well as a special special effect parts set for a thousand hands clone so that players can reproduce the battle between Doctor Strange and Thanos (Thanos) Time's Secret Technique of Clone. There is no other way! Had to go to the Beast Nation to reorganize a team of Avengers to continue fighting! "Avengers: Infinite War" Doctor Strange 6-inch high movable figure (about 16 cm in height) Up to 26 joints can move throughout the body 1 replacement head sculpture New Doctor Strange Eye Head Sculpture 8 replacement hands ● 1 pair of hands ●1 pair of fisting hands ●1 pair of grasping hands ●1 pair of indicating hands 17 magic special effects parts ●2 sets of time gems to activate special effects parts ● 2 medium-sized wrist special effects ● 2 small wrist special effects ● 2 green mandala special effects ●2 orange mandala totem special effects parts ●1 knife-shaped magic special effect part ●1 bunch of long rope magic special effects parts ● 3 pairs of special effect parts set of movable arms and secret technique totem apparel ●1 piece of magic floating cloak (detachable) Accessories ● 1 Eye of Agamodo → Normal Status ●1 Eye of Agamodo → Time Gem activated status https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/5027837/image6.jpg?ts=145201 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/5027837/image3.jpg?ts=145201 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/5027837/image4.jpg?ts=145201 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/5027837/image5.jpg?ts=145201 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/5027837/image7.jpg?ts=145201 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/5027837/image1.jpg?ts=145201 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/5027837/image2.jpg?ts=145201 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/5027837/image0.jpg?ts=145201 Purchase notes: ● The color coating and assembly of the product are mostly handled manually. The slight coating or assembly differences in the production process are normal. ● The product picture may be a prototype of the product, and there may be slight differences with the actual product sold, please forgive me. ● The color of the product may be slightly different due to the computer screen setting, please refer to the actual product. ● The size of the product may vary slightly due to different styles and measurement standards. Please refer to the actual product. ● Avoid direct sunlight, warm, humid, and airtight environments to avoid damage and deterioration of products. ● The product contains small parts/accessories. Please place it where children and pets are not easy to obtain. At the same time, please store the product carefully to avoid the risk of product falling. ● The goods may be delayed due to the change of the delivery date or shortage of goods. In this situation, the company will not be liable for any compensation. ● The delivery process may cause wear and tear on the outer packaging of the product. If you have any doubts, you are welcome to visit the physical store to purchase and avoid related disputes. ● Before ordering this product, please read the product "Return and Exchange Policy" carefully. ● The 7-day appreciation period is not a trial period. If the product is unpacked and used, there is no original packaging, the outer box is damaged, dismantled, and the shortage of accessories/gifts will affect your return rights. ● If you want to return or exchange the product during the product hesitation period, the product must be brand new and packaged, and accessories are indispensable.


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