[Recommended sold out] Christmas exchange gifts | mulled wine spice bag/dried fruit water

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[Recommended sold out] Christmas exchange gifts | mulled wine spice bag/dried fruit water


**[Thanks for your support, praise sold out]** **Xiao Cao Zuo 2021 Christmas limited gift exchange** **[Free shipping in Taiwan, 8% off limited time offer]** **Hot red wine spice bag honey fragrance flower and fruit flavor, roselle fruit water, perilla fruit water, lightweight PET cold foam bottle** https://i.pinimg.com/originals/7e/f7/34/7ef73403216f601f0f6cdc7012c8af44.jpg **Change it this year!** **Slightly intoxicated grass as a Christmas limited exchange gift** Are you worrying about what gifts to give for Christmas every year? Change this flavor this year ~ Xiao Cao Zuo 2021 Christmas limited exchange gift is here! A limited Christmas gift with a small grass, to help you prepare the warm and slightly drunk "Malded Red Wine Spice Bag" and the "Little Grass-made Fruit Dried Water Experience Package", so that relatives and friends who receive the gift can feel your sincere heart. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/fe/5a/4c/fe5a4cfbdd8d47de64e44227d1f660e9.jpg **Heart-filled gift bag** **Warm and warm through this not easy year** In the Xiaocaozuo Christmas limited gift bag, we have prepared the party must-have "Melted Red Wine Spice Bag Honey Fragrant Flower and Fruit Flavor", "Xiaocaozuo Dried Fruit Water Experience 3 Entry", and "PET Lightweight Cold Bubble Bottle" for exchange. Relatives and friends of gifts can feel their hearts and blessings. A specially designed Christmas card is attached to the Christmas gift bag, which can be hung on the Christmas tree or used as a handwritten small card to convey your wishes, allowing you to write down year-end wishes to your relatives and friends. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/5d/1d/cf/5d1dcf93ec13a2083dddeb8988674ba5.jpg **Exquisitely textured Christmas gift set design** **Every relative and friend wants to get your gift exchange** https://i.pinimg.com/originals/24/91/8a/24918a3d68ee909d96929ef0a1fa3b55.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/84/39/bd/8439bde272b6d68e42168dca81944da4.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/dd/c0/1c/ddc01c97517201aedec9ca078d4bd684.jpg **Honey flower and fruit flavor, unique sweet flower and fruit aroma** **A good choice for the first try, full of sweet local flavors of flowers and fruits** Honey-scented flower and fruit flavored mulled wine spice bag, using Miaoli Hangju and Luoshen, Pingtung Golden Diamond Pineapple, and small grass to make self-grown lemongrass, carefully selected a variety of Taiwanese flowers and fruits, blending with Taiwanese brown sugar, creating a unique flavor full of flowers and fruits sweetness . https://i.pinimg.com/originals/69/32/05/693205caf640d1bab15fa3fd7d39bb8d.jpg **Don’t bother to buy everywhere, all the grass is ready for you** **Easily boil hot red wine in a pot at home** **Step 1**|Add 500ml of red wine to the pot (it is recommended to choose a cheap, sour red wine without sweet taste!) **Step 2**|Add the red wine spice bag (remember to take out the deoxidizer in the bag) **Step 3**|Heat up to a small bubble slightly rolling state (about 70℃) with a low heat, then turn off the heat **Step 4**|Cover the pot and hold it for 5 minutes. If you don’t dare to drink, you can hold it for 3-5 minutes to slow down the alcohol. **Step 5**|Pour out and filter the contents of the pot and then warm the mulled wine is done! (It is recommended to finish drinking within two days) https://youtu.be/vxGt1q6Evtk **Grass is used as a popular dried fruit water, and it should be well hydrated in autumn and winter.** The only grass plant that insists on 100% use of local fruits and flowers in Taiwan. Each piece of dried fruit helps you lock in the natural flavor and nutrition of Taiwanese flowers and fruits. Select 3 small grasses as popular and hot-selling dried fruit water flavors, which will make you hydrated even when the weather becomes cold. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/25/e1/b3/25e1b3c214e8a920718b31872acd9d85.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/7e/21/54/7e2154a43537da271a8ca2e58d56472e.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/4b/11/5d/4b115de3d2888d2955effe046b0c472a.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/08/75/b8/0875b86441d353e208af1db3f45afa08.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/08/4a/a1/084aa1389da1808e481d70ce1c068957.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/3a/3f/a1/3a3fa155ef7d37cca7c0780bc6eb5cf8.jpg **Recently, the logistics is busy, and Xiaocao Zuo is fully shipping. If there is any delay in delivery, please forgive me.** **• Orders from Taiwan and sent to Hong Kong and Macau must be supplemented with a shipping fee of RMB 150** **• If you order from Taiwan and send to Japan, you will have to pay 300 yuan for the freight** **If you have the above delivery requirements, please contact the designer, and there will be someone to serve you**


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Xiaocaozuo helps you prepare warm-hearted "Malded Red Wine Spice Bag" and "Xiaocao Zuo Dried Fruit Water", so that relatives and friends who receive gifts can feel your sincere heart. The Christmas gift bag is specially decorated with a specially designed Christmas card, which can be hung on the Christmas tree or used as a handwritten small card to convey your wishes. A single group can enjoy an 16% free shipping discount. It is the first choice for 2021 Christmas gift exchange.


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