Recording gifts - retro radio styling. Handmade wooden recording gifts. Memo notes. Valentine's Day birthday

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Recording for 2 minutes for a long time, the recording is not tense. There are only two buttons, one for each, so you ca



Recording gifts - retro radio styling. Handmade wooden recording gifts. Memo notes. Valentine's Day birthday

商品説明 Commodity story: When we look at the elders around us, we always forget the next thing to do. Friends who want to give gifts can't find a favorite and special recording gift. Friends who are designing and starting a business often struggle to write down the inspiration at any time. For the family and friends we cherish, MUTOKOGI has developed this convenient recording gadget. 2 minutes long recording, so that you are not nervous when recording There are only two buttons, one for each, let you operate elegantly Wood material, just like the wooden speaker of the speaker, let your recording have the best sound quality The thickness of a business card is only 3.5cm, so you can take it with you. Give yourself and your family and friends a special gift and feel the temperature that MUTOKOGI brings to you... The MUTOKOGI Design Museum also has a variety of original good things. Welcome to the design hall, you will find the right product for you ^^ We are constantly launching a variety of original products, please continue to pay attention to us, thank you for your support! operating: Press REC and hear “哔” to start recording. Press any button and you will hear “哔哔” to stop recording. Press PLAY to start the recording and listen to the recording. Press any button to stop. Repeatable recording. If the product does not contain a battery, you need to turn the rear knob to open the back cover and use it after loading the battery. Please use the "new" battery. It is recommended to use "alkaline battery". If the battery is low, the product will not work properly. size: Length, width and height are about 6.7cm x 5cm x 3.5cm battery: This item uses AAA four batteries, a total of 3 Production and shipping: After the order is paid, there is a spot/material that can be sent out within 2~3 working days (excluding the 6th day and the holiday); no spot/no material may be sent out within 5~7 working days. The product is hand-made for a long time, thank you very much for your support of MUTOKOGI! Adhere to strict selection: Use environmentally friendly eucalyptus and walnut boards in accordance with EU standard E0/E1. Wood adhesives use the highest level of safety wood glue that meets FDA approval for indirect food contact. Precautions: The products are wood, and the color, texture and spots of each material are different. There will be some differences between the entities and the photos on the Internet. Please avoid heavy pressure, humidity, sun exposure, and keep away from fire. Do not disassemble the product yourself to avoid damage to the product. If the surface of the product is dirty, use sandpaper to gently polish the surface. Due to the high heat generated in some processes, the wood will have a slightly smoky odor, which will disappear soon after use. Please be assured. Because the wood material is hand-made in the whole process, the appearance is not as accurate as the plastic produced by the mold, but it is absolutely the product we are making with 100% intention. Wood is a natural material with natural spots on the surface or natural micro-twisting. This is a natural uncontrollable factor. Please support our friends to understand and understand. Wedding Gifts / Birthday Gifts / Exchange Gifts / Christmas / Valentine / Mother's Day / Father's Day / Gifts / Gifts / Gifts / Events / Souvenirs / New Year / New Year / Old Gifts / Graduation Gifts / Work Gifts Origin / manufacturing methods Origin Taiwan original design x handmade


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