Brass Charm / Key Ring Pet Tag Customized Name Phone Letter Knock [Double Lettering]

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3cm diameter brass brass tag with small brass horseshoe buckle (2x1.5cm). In addition to being a key ring, it can also be used as a pet tag. The 2mm thickness of the real material is strong and durable without deformation.


Brass Charm / Key Ring Pet Tag Customized Name Phone Letter Knock [Double Lettering]


🔺**/ Brass Horseshoe Buckle Customized Engraving Tag Key Ring /** Custom brass tag key ring in pure brass, available in three different styles. Round: 3cm in diameter x 2mm in thickness, pure brass tag with small brass horseshoe buckle (2x1.5cm). Elliptical long strip: length 5.5cm x thickness 2mm, key ring ring diameter 3cm. Cubic studs: 3.5 x length 0.5 x height 0.5 cm with a pure brass chain and brass blade charm. **Tag can be engraved on both sides, only English capitalization and numbers: English letters single-sided single-row limit up to 9 words (A~Z) (a~z)** **Arabic numerals can be printed up to 10 words (0~9)** **English word height is about 2mm (all upper and lower case), the number is about 1.5mm high** 🔺**Please note the words to be printed after placing the order, for example: Front TANGO, back 20181225** **Hands are not as neat as a machine, but they have a unique hand-made temperament.** 🔺**There may be some fine hairline on the original metal material. Please pay attention to the perfectionist before placing the order!** 🔺**If the double-sided text content is more than one row, or the number of words on one side is more, you need to add additional fees. Please confirm the amount before ordering!** 1.**Round horseshoe buckle**, in addition to the key ring, can also be used as a pet tag. 2mm thick and very thick 2.**oval long tag key ring**, 5.5cm length can meet the needs of more text 3.**Cubic column brass blade chain charm**, can be hung on the bag, car mirror or various other items Customized lettering tag brass horseshoe buckle key ring for personal use or gifts. The logo can be engraved on both sides! You can choose English uppercase, English lowercase or Arabic numerals. The bolts of the horseshoe buckle can be turned away by themselves and put into the key. In addition to the key ring, it can also be used as a charm for the bag. Durable and non-deformable material characteristics, also suitable as a pet tag (both front and back can be engraved) All metal parts are made of brass, and the blade shape softens the masculine lines of the cube. Neutral design is suitable for both boys and girls. The cube column has two faces to knock out text, up to 9 words in English and up to 10 words in numbers. English uppercase and lowercase letters can be chosen. The hand-knitting text has a unique temperature and charm, and the visual effect is lively and varied. The chain length of the cube column charm is preset to 20cm, which can be modified according to the requirements (please note the length after ordering) The elliptical long-shaped key ring, the length of the tag is 5.5cm, which can meet the needs of engraving more words, and the shape is simple and degenerate. Brass horseshoe buckle leather rope oval long tag key ring, hanging the hair and ashes of the guest's deceased dog. The custom-made dog ash bottle tag key ring, the dog's anniversary is printed on the tag (customized amount NT.960) Brass Blade Sands Bulb Rice Carving Bottle (NT.640) with a brass tag that can be typed on the reverse side (NT.380) No. 1 round horseshoe buckle charm can also be added with brass blades, more personal characteristics (customized amount NT.560) Customized lettering tag can be mixed with other accessories. If necessary, please contact us to confirm the amount and then place the order. The No. 1 round tag can also be used with the No. 2 key ring (or the No. 3 chain). When ordering, please choose the No. 1 horseshoe buckle charm key ring as usual, but please remember to change it in the remarks column of the checkout. Into the 2nd key ring. Brass and leather are very suitable, in addition to their own use, it is also a gift for sisters, men and women friends. All metals are made of brass. The brass itself will not fade. It will oxidize when worn and exposed to air, and the color will show a more retro-like flavor. Natural and stylish texture is particularly interesting and attractive! If you want to restore the brightness as new, you can use copper oil to wipe. The size ratio reference, the diameter of the tag is 3cm, and the text can be seen more clearly. With a custom-made brass bottle cap rice-carved bottle, the front and back sides of the meter can be written with the specified text, the entire set of custom amount NT.880. If you need it, please register first. * Rice carving jewelry can be stored forever and will not spoil. It is the best gift choice. * Avoid contact with high temperatures. Take off when taking a bath or hot springs. * Customized time is about 1-5 working days, working hours: Monday to Friday, weekend public holidays. * When the order amount is free of charge or the anniversary free shipping discount, it will be delivered by registered mail. * Please note: Customized products are ordered and ordered, except for those that are not accepted for return! Hi, trouble reading Chinese? Every piece shown in my store is personalized and custom made by hand. Drop me a message if you like to know more.


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