Natural leftover dyeing - mixed color twisting and tie dyeing experience

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Dyeing workshop, a dyeing craft hall that lets you see the possibility of cooking. Here, you can find the 2015 Milan Expo is praised as the "world's most beautiful color" of the leftover dye; through the meticulous craftsman, sewing master
香港 / 香港島
中国語, 広東語, 英語
香港中環鴨巴甸街35號 PMQ元創方 A座 S506
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Natural leftover dyeing - mixed color twisting and tie dyeing experience


::[ Dyeing Workshop, a dyeing workshop that allows you to see the possibility of cooking waste]:: Dyeing is a process. "Every simple step is a detail, and the heart is made to make the work unique." At the 2015 Milan World Expo, it was praised as "the most beautiful color in the world" from the remaining ingredients. In the dyed studio, you can find the colors that belong to Hong Kong, the colors that belong to the food, and the colors that belong to you. The dyeing studio has been working hard to make these discarded surplus ingredients shine, and let you find moving and happy, and feel the aesthetics of life. We hope that traditional dyeing can have a new life by blending with contemporary technology. The dyeing studio was created under such a concept. So come here and be happy with friends! ::[The first stage of "sndy dyeing aesthetics"::: In the first stage of "Drying and Dyeing Aesthetics", we will open the door to "natural dyeing" through five kinds of "stripping techniques". Through the 2.5-hour food dyeing experience, you will participate in the whole process of designing the natural dyeing process from the idea to the finished product with our dyeing experience in PMQ, Central, Hong Kong, and dyeing and dyeing yourself with Shibori (Shibori). Feel the infinite possibilities of unknown and leftover ingredients and experience the experimental spirit behind the creative process. * Dyeing is a method that is derived from the more traditional dyeing technology in the Heian period of Japan. It is used to bind the fabric through tools such as elastic wood clips and marbles, so that the dye solution can not penetrate the fabric and dye the texture. ::[What is dyed in "Hing Dyeing Aesthetics"::: The dyed studios bring together high-quality fabrics from Japan, Taiwan, Shanghai and other places. They are carefully designed and stitched by designers and craftsmen. Each piece of material tells you about the beauty and uniqueness of Made in Hong Kong. The activity fee includes 1 piece of material (50x50 cm Feng Lu / A3 tote), you can also choose to upgrade or upgrade other materials! The workshop is not only for the wind, we have more than 30 fabrics for you to choose from, you can also upgrade on the spot with a scarf / Tee / Hong Kong cheongsam or Japanese kimono. The workshop has a clothes dryer for instant drying ::[ Leftovers dyed, where leftovers come from::: Natural leftovers are dyed and the remaining ingredients are from local food producers or suppliers in Hong Kong. All materials are sorted and resterilized after collection. The workshop insists on the use of its own research and development of 100% natural residual dyes, which does not contain chemical ingredients and environmental protection! The following dyes will be provided from time to time // #樱花粉粉- Sakura wood gardening pruning branch (Japan direct delivery - 2018 new product into the lotus) #紫薯紫 - Purple potato skin from local food producers #椰菜蓝 - Food processor's purple broccoli scrap #姜葱黄- Curry Onion Skin Ginger Gold Flower Available: #菠菜绿/ #菱角灰/ Other qualified colors Activity object: 5 years old + (children need to be accompanied by parents) Activity costs: $365.00 / 1 person (single ticket) $675.00 / 2 people (two-person discount) *You need to collect HK$100.00/person (reservation fee) first, and the balance will be paid during class. - Fee includes 1 piece of material per person (50x50 cm Wind Lu / A3 Tote)