7 light years distance necklace moonstone brass pearl

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▲ commodity number: ☞0813 ▲Materials and materials: ☞ Moonstone, crystal, natural pearl, electroplated alloy, brass.


7 light years distance necklace moonstone brass pearl


▲ commodity number: ☞0813 ▲Materials and materials: ☞ Moonstone, crystal, natural pearl, electroplated alloy, brass. ▲Necklace size: The total length of the embellishment is about 6.2x0.5 cm, the length of the moonstone is about 0.4x0.5 cm, the length of the buckle and the buckle are about 1.5 cm, and the length of the necklace is about 27 cm. The necklace is on both sides. Add a total length of about 54 cm, please add the total length of the necklace. ☞If you have special needs for size, please leave a message to contact us. ▲ size selection method: ☞Bracelet and Bracelet: Measure the measuring tape around your wrist. If there is no measuring tape, you can use the thin wire around the hand and then flatten it to measure the size of the hand. Because natural stone or brass and other materials have different shapes, they are not completely worn on the hands when wearing them. It is generally recommended to reserve more space when making bracelets or bracelets. You can add 1~1.5 cm according to your hand. If you want to wear it tightly or loosely, you can choose the size you want! ! ☞ Ring: Use a thin wire around the hand to circle and then use the ruler to measure the size of the finger. ▲ use and maintenance methods: ☞ Natural metal materials (gold, silver, copper...) wear contact with water for a long time, sweat, cosmetics, chemicals, etc., which will cause oxidative fading, which can be recovered by wiping with a silver cloth. Original luster, brass can also be wiped with copper oil to restore the original luster. ☞Electroplating metal is not recommended to wear a bath. If it is exposed to water for a long time, it will oxidize and fade. After oxidative fading, it will not recover. Please avoid contact with water. Natural materials such as natural stone, natural pearls, shells, etc., can be wiped clean with toilet paper or cloth with clean water. ▲Notes: ☞The texture of each natural stone is different in color and texture. There may be some cracks in the cracks. We will try our best to select the finished product. After the actual product is finished, it cannot be exactly the same as the natural stone in the product. ☞Because of the different materials, (for example, the size of each face of the multi-faceted natural stone will be slightly different). The length of the product may be about 0.1~0.3 cm, and it will not be exactly the same as the length selected at the time of ordering. ☞ Due to the different product sizes (XS.SMLXL), the arrangement of finished products will be slightly adjusted according to the length. 所有All items in the image may have color differences due to factors such as light or computer screen resolution. ☞ sterling silver or pure brass jewelry after the order is made, the production time is longer, if the goods are not in stock, it takes a long time to complete. ☞ Polished natural stone, multi-section natural stone, painted metal tube, natural pearl, crystal, tassel, shell.... and other materials are all purchased in Korea and brought back to Taiwan, non-imitation products or common synthetic products on the market. material. ☞☞☞☞☞☞☞☞☞☞☞☞Please make sure to accept the precautions and then subscript ☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜ ▲About us: Every day, there are good things, <☞ HAND IN HAND ☜> I hope that the good things in your dreams will come true. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / handmade


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