Mad leather 骷髅 Indian leather carving side bag

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- With the original color of vegetable tanned leather as the background, the design is based on the motif of the Indians, and then carved on the leather by the leather carving technique, showing the ancient vicissitudes of the Indian, made into a hand-stit


Mad leather 骷髅 Indian leather carving side bag


1. Description of creation - Based on the original color of vegetable tanned leather, the design is based on the motif of the Indians, and then carved on the leather by leather carving techniques, showing the ancient vicissitudes of Indians. +++ 2. Product characteristics - This is the primary color vegetable tanned leather that will change into a user-specific color (usually turned into honey or reddish brown) over time and during use, which is one of the unique pleasures of using vegetable tanned leather. - Please use the leather carving pattern to avoid rubbing and scratching. +++ 3. Material and size - Material Description: Imported vegetable tanned cowhide - Size Description: Length 21cm x Width 15cm x Thickness 7cm, single space without interlayer. - Note: Since leather is made of animal skin, there are textures or spots on the surface, which are natural phenomena. The leather production process will try to avoid the use of obvious scars. If you find that there are tiny marks on the product, please understand that this part is not awkward. If there is perfectionism, please think twice before ordering, thank you. +++ 4. Product production and shipment - Spot: The products in the design hall are mainly ordered by order, such as urgent need for stock, please ask before ordering, thank you. - Customized items: The design items can be customized and will be produced and sent after the order is placed. It takes about 10 working days (excluding the 6th day and the holiday). - Production: All are hand-stitched and produced in Taiwan. +++ 5. Return and after-sale warranty - Return and exchange: Please refer to the sales platform for return. If you have doubts, please discuss with the designer before ordering, and then decide whether to order. - After-sale warranty: Please check the integrity of the goods after receiving the goods. If you have any questions, please contact the designer as soon as possible. Problems caused by subsequent use are not covered by the warranty. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will do our best to provide assistance or advice within our capabilities. +++ 6. Basic maintenance - The best way to maintain leather goods is to use them from time to time. The grease on our hands is the most natural maintenance oil. - If the leather goods need not be used for a long time, the island climate in Taiwan will easily breed mold. It is recommended to place the drying oven or keep it dry. The humidity is recommended to be below 60%. - If the leather is soaked, it will cause oil loss and dryness. Basic maintenance (1~3 months) is required. Firstly, brush the leather surface with a soft brush, then use a clean soft cloth to protect the thin upper layer. The leather after maintenance will be more lustrous than before maintenance.


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