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The New Year gift box contains ("Pure Coconut Washing Softening Lotion", "Apricot Peach Cleansing Cleansing Oil", "Black Beans and Almonds" The best choice for travel and gift


Sister & Co. Gift Box


"Pure Coconut Washing Before Softening" Capacity: 30ml Synthetic extra virgin argan oil, macadamia oil and Sister & Co. organic coconut oil, with rosemary essential oil, red orange oil and jasmine extract, can completely repair dry and damaged hair from the inside out It nourishes the scalp and raises hair naturally, so that the hair is light and combed, and there is no collapse. Does not add water, stabilizers, artificial flavors, sputum; does not contain Paraben preservative; applies to a variety of hair. Usage: For dry hair before shampooing, take a hairy hair and hair length and take 3-10 to spread the hair evenly, strengthen the outer side and hair tail, and finally massage the scalp. Leave it for at least 15-20 minutes and wash it as usual. If you still feel greasy, repeat the shampooing procedure. Use at least 2 times a week for best results. "Apricot Peach Cleansing Cleansing Oil" Capacity: 30ml Give full play to the nature of the oil in oil, thoroughly dissolve the acne particles, pollutants and greasy makeup in the pores, and remove the eye makeup is a perfect helper, leaving no trace of makeup. Not only is it not greasy, it is also infused with active ingredients, full of vitamins and antioxidants, so that the skin is clear and comfortable, and fully retains water. After cleansing, it is as bright and moist as morning dew. How to use: Wet unloading: Dry your face and take a massage of ten round coins. Wet the organic cotton wipes and gently wipe the face. You can go through the maintenance process without having to wash your face. If you have a strong eye makeup, you can remove it with a wet cotton pad alone, and also nourish the eyelashes while cleaning! Dry unloading: Dry your face and take a massage of ten round coins. To "Dry" Toray "Extreme Cleansing Cloth" is wiped once and for all on both sides. The face is dry and smooth, not greasy or stretched. The follow-up process can be carried out directly without having to wash your face. Wash your face with soap or shower gel, do not use laundry detergent and bleach, and do not need to soak. If the hair ball or the oil absorption is sharply reduced, replace it with a new one. "Black Beans and Almonds" Capacity: 30ml Combines soft-skinned organic almond milk, mildly purifying, exfoliating and rejuvenating kaolin, as well as deep-slung, calming black cardamom extract. After bathing, the skin will be soft and fresh, giving a velvety touch. Black Beans Almond Milk Bath is the top enjoyment of bathing! It can be used as a way to exfoliate. After the body is wet, take a proper amount of bath powder massage, so that the kaolin purifying the skin takes away the old dead skin cells and presents a refreshing soft skin touch. How to use: Bath - Take 5 caps under the flowing faucet, soak them in the bath, and rinse the body with water. The bath powder will dissolve completely, leaving no foam marks and oil stains. It is easy to clean the bathtub. Exfoliating - Take a proper amount in a small bowl and massage directly onto the wet body. Wash and wash.


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