Elder flower healing flower / pearl earrings / spring jewelry

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Elder flower Healing Flower I always find the answer to survival behind the prayers of everyone in the crack of sacrifice. I attach vitality to all things and complete the cycle of chain unlinking.



Elder flower healing flower / pearl earrings / spring jewelry


Find the unique fragrance of life with intuition (S / F2019) ——— Elder flower Healing Flower I always find the answer to survival behind the prayers of everyone in the crack of sacrifice. I attach vitality to all things and complete the cycle of chain unlinking. ——— Independent original design, accompany you to travel longer and farther, travel around and explore life. Material of this product: Czech glazed pearl / long-lasting gloss, zero errors Czech glazed beads / protein color penetration aroma Ear Needle: Steel Needle Ear clip: copper gold-plated, low allergenicity ——— Q: Can the ear clip / ear pin of this product be customized? A: Yes, please remember to inform in advance, thank you. Q: Will the ear clip / ear needle be allergic? A: The products of this brand are designed with the three spirits and elements as the direction and benchmarks. I hope to bring customers a comfortable experience. They are originality, intimacy and authenticity. In order to achieve intimacy, there is a comfortable match. Wearing experience, all products have used hypoallergenic materials (more than 99% of customers give back recognition). Please evaluate your physical fitness, please inform us in advance ~ Q: How does the product see a difference from the actual one? A: Hand-made, all are unique designs, which are difficult to compare with the mass production of the machine, and if the jewelry material is made of freshwater natural pearls and ores, they are all natural and native, so it is difficult to completely reproduce the color and texture, and the goods are photographed for beauty and angle Or it may be distorted or dropped due to different photographic equipment. We have all considered your concerns. The studio will try to convey the true appearance and size of the jewelry to everyone. If you have any concerns, you can discuss with the designer before placing an order. Thank you. Q: Do n’t know if the jewelry actually fits me? A: I have talked to many customers and friends, including myself, I also have this kind of trouble. Usually online shopping only sees the product through the photo, but does not see the product details. It is difficult to imagine the state and appearance of wearing it, and it is independently designed Jewelry, unique style, and no picture. You can go to our fan page or IG to browse more information and photos, or discuss with us in advance, so that we can provide you with more information, and we will try our best to provide more videos in the future. * However, when designing each jewelry, all sizes and wearing ratios are taken into consideration, as far as possible to meet the public, but occasionally there is no limit, choose different styles of accessories, make a little surprise for yourself, it is not bad ~ ——— Relevant notice: 1. Shipping schedule: The products of this brand are handmade, and a small number of spot orders are customized. After the order is confirmed, there is no stock of goods, the production time is 5 ~ 10 working days, there are other urgent orders or special needs welcome to discuss, thank you for your support and understanding. Second, the product packaging: ** In order to accompany you to move around and travel, change various roles, each product is equipped with a high-quality brand cotton beam pocket, which is convenient for you to carry and protect jewelry. If you have other packaging or gift-giving needs, please first when ordering 3. Jewelry preservation method: Each hand-made jewelry has a delicate and complex structure, and try to avoid pulling, rolling, or falling from a high place. Energizer avoids prolonged contact with water or special solvents. After wearing each time, please wipe with a soft dry cloth as much as possible and let it be sealed and stored in the chain bag to prolong the service life. ———


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