Brass Pumpkin Bead Moroccan Style Earrings

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The brass squash beads look like Moroccan-style styling lights, and the atmosphere of the resort is more summery.


Brass Pumpkin Bead Moroccan Style Earrings


◆◆◆ Pre-purchase Notes◆◆◆ (1) Product notes vary depending on factors such as the light or the resolution of the personal computer, mobile phone, tablet, and screen resolution. (2) On weekends or national holidays, most of the creators will be at the bazaar, so they will not ship or produce goods. (3) Due to the limited manpower of the brand, we are sorry for the fact that we cannot accept the dispatch. (4) After the merchandise is placed under the order, it will be hand-made and will not be returned after the sale. (5) If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask before placing an order. To avoid disputes between the two parties, please confirm the related matters and place orders. ◆◆◆Materials & Notes◆◆◆ [Material] : Brass (1) Needle-type earrings are based on hygiene issues, and they are not provided for return after ordering. Please ask the buyer to confirm and order. (2) natural stone itself will have natural lines, crystals, cracks, impurities, lack of minerals, shades of color, shape and size, Also because of cutting production methods, each natural stone has its own appearance. ◆◆◆Size & Measurement Method◆◆◆ [Size]: Does not include ear hooks or ear clips about 5.1cm Model hand circumference: tape measure about 14cm [Measuring hand circumference] (1) Measurements can be made with the accessories that are usually worn. If not, a thick rope can be used. It is relatively close to the thickness of the bracelet, with the rope around the hand around a circle, and then flat with a ruler to measure the length. (2) The size of the bracelet is recommended to add 1cm to the size of the hand. If there are more large bead or zircon, it must be added to 1.5~2cm. (3) Hand-made goods may not be 100% identical, but they are unique. The product error ± 2mm is the normal range. ◆◆◆Usage & Maintenance Method◆◆◆ [brass] (1) After wearing, use a soft cloth to wipe the post-income bag. (2) Brass will not fade, but it will oxidize in the same way as silver. After the brass is oxidized, it will turn bronze, which has a fascinating retro sense. (3) The polishing of silver cloth, copper oil, rubbing copper paste, and toothpaste can restore the brightness of the brass. When cleaning, avoid materials other than pearls, natural stones, or brass. The degree of difficulty in cleaning will also vary with the usual wear or storage habits. (4) Brass can touch water, but it must be kept dry, otherwise it will easily produce a greenish green. [stainless steel] (1) After wearing, use a soft cloth to wipe the post-income bag. (2) Although stainless steel will not oxidize or fade, it is recommended that it be wiped and then put into the chain bag after wearing to avoid dirt or dust. [Copper plated gold, silver] (1) After wearing, use a soft cloth to wipe the post-income bag. (2) Electroplating goods Do not over-clean or use silver cloth and any cleaning products. Just wipe with a soft cloth. (3) Electroplating merchandise will be different because of individual wear and storage habits, color retention time is also different, but will eventually fade, because the plating is not the original color of the metal. [Creator Tips] The life of accessories is absolutely related to wearing and storage habits. In addition to the above suggestions, you still want to take a bath, make a hot spring, and don't wear jewelry when exercising. When you don't wear it, you must wipe it clean and put it into the clip chain provided by O/C. bag, In addition to preventing oxidation, the clip chain bag also prevents dust from accumulating in the jewelry, prevents the pearl from colliding and scratching, and entraps the necklace or bracelet together. If you want to go out and go out, you can also put it in a box or jewelry box. Avoid ear pin products being crushed. Making finer goods is also not to be pulled as hard as possible to avoid breakage of goods. Although jewelry is a consumable item, good habits can also extend the life of the jewelry. ◆◆◆About Packaging◆◆◆ [earring] (1) Avoiding crushing of the ear pins will be packed in a small carton. (2) Additional clip chain bag and back buckle [Bracelets/Necklaces/Rings] (1) The product will use the O/C brand clip chain bag, then use the foam to wrap the clip chain bag, and then put it into the shipping carton. (2) If you need gifts, you can use the O/C brand carton pack on the order note. (3) Packaging methods may change from time to time due to festivals or other factors.


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