Childlike camouflage [middle back - song camouflage] intuitive decompression shoulders back

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★Intuitive medium-sized backpack / small space and large capacity ★Relieved breathable shoulder strap / back decompression breathable ★ non-toxic / weight test pass / super storage



Childlike camouflage [middle back - song camouflage] intuitive decompression shoulders back


If you want to know the "product specifications and sizes", please continue to scroll down. After reading the photos of the beans, you will see the product size chart! 😉 **[Package maintenance advice]** 😐 No matter which kind of bag, if it is only consumed as consumables and not care, it will be reimbursed soon. Although nothing is permanent, it is not bad; but if you have a long-term use, you should implement the concept of maintenance on weekdays (light-colored bags are like light-colored clothes, and you should pay attention to it when you are afraid of dirt); the service life will last for a long time. In some parts of Taiwan, the climate is damp, and basically both the object and the skin of the person are deeply affected by the humidity of the climate. If there is no such cognition, let alone the concept of bag maintenance. Although the bag of Manfubao does not require special and time-consuming storage/maintenance methods, it does not need to be bought like a brand-name bag but it has to be hard to maintain; but it is still recommended that you depend on the locality of the place ( Multi-day sun / burning / too humid) to choose the usual easy maintenance. The bag has a waterproof coating inside and outside, which is basically not so dirty. In addition, the product label has a clear indication of "washing method". If it is generally dirty, it can be wiped directly with a damp cloth (or wet tissue). If it is a large range of dirt, or the degree of dirt and the scope is relatively large, it is recommended that you send it to the store where the professional cleaning bag is cleaned. If there is no pouring, oil stains, special dirt, or rubbing with faded clothes, the fibers of the bag surface will be dyed; it is recommended to minimize the washing frequency to avoid unnecessary fading. In addition, the product is super water-repellent and cannot be ironed or bleached. If it is cleaned, it must be naturally dry (not exposed to the sun). It is strictly forbidden to expose the sun directly or use the dryer to avoid the possibility of fading or qualitative change. For detailed weekday maintenance contents, please see the "any product page" for remarks. **[Can the bag be washed in a washing machine? 】** A: All functional products will be accompanied by "instruction / tag / washing standard" to inform users how to use, especially for functional mother bags. In order to extend the service life of the bag, the warranty card and the tag attached to the product are marked as not suitable for "machine washing" (because of the twisting and twisting of the body), if it is necessary to clean it yourself (not recommended), Man Fubao There are also tests to use a laundry bag to pack the bag and then put the washing machine to clean it. Since the bottom plate of the bag is not cardboard, the difference after washing is not large, and the leather material is completely crack-free. In addition, it should be dried immediately after washing (air drying, not sun-dried). However, because "personal use of washing machine" is different from "state of encounter" - for the part of machine washing, Man Fubao cannot guarantee the result, I hope you know. **【 Please note】** Every computer/mobile screen, parsing, color cast, and visual chromatic aberration are different for everyone, and the bag is still based on the actual color received.


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