Mrs. Violet Floating Flower Night Light Essential Oil Diffuser Birthday Christmas Gift Mother's Day Gift

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Mrs. Violet Floating Flower Night Light Essential Oil Diffuser Birthday Christmas Gift Mother's Day Gift


🌸All models without lettering are in stock! ! Order 1-3 days to ship We will ship quickly~~ Abandoned buyers will have black orders! ! ! Help us pay attention again ♥️ - There are two items in the store to pay attention to when placing an order! ! "Floating Vase" is a small object for home decoration that can extend the viewing period of flowers to 1 to 2 years The "diffuse vase" is a vase that can be diffused indoors. The viewing period is about 1 to 3 months. Just plug in the diffused bamboo ❗️❗️Diffuse flowers with gold leaf styles will all be replaced by gold powder ❗️❗️ - 2020 Valentine's Day New Products List❣️ Yuan's Flower Design Floating Vase/Diffuser Vase Small Object ---Diffuser Bottle--- #Natural essential oil diffuser bottle The diffuser bottle is finally on the shelves❣️ But please help us pay attention to the following points! ! (Please read it before placing an order ☺️ to avoid disputes. Thank you) ❗️It is a diffuser bottle, not a floating flower. The content of the liquid is completely different. The main function of the diffuser bottle is to diffuse fragrance. The flower material is not only limited, but also easier to fade! Scent lasts for 1~2 months -We choose essential oils imported from France. The essential oils are pure and natural, and the diffuser itself does not contain alcohol! ! (Low irritation) (Tips ˙˙When dripped into water, essential oils with no alcohol content will be suspended in the water as oily particles; when essential oils with alcohol content are dripped into water, the water will appear milky white) Many diffuser bottles on the market contain alcohol~~ This is actually a great burden on flowers and the human body! Our carefully selected diffuser does not contain these harmful ingredients🌹 After we have tested for a long time, it is only costly pure natural essential oils that can bring you a safe and comfortable experience ☺️ -The essential oil in the diffuser bottle has the fragrance selection described in my text. Remember to note it for us when placing the order~ The fragrance is tested for a long time! Hope everyone will like it😉 -Expanded incense bamboos are shipped in three roots. If you want more expanded incense bamboos, you can go to the "Material Plus Purchase Zone" to purchase more ☺️ -Our florist and shipping staff will carefully check and test whether the product is intact before sending it out. If you receive any questions, you can respond to us~ Thank you. |Essential oil selection| **French imported essential oil**Same fragrance as JoMalone big brand🧡 Spring orange blossom (very light goose yellow essential oil) Banniang's favorite! -"Orange" citrus, citrus leaves as the base, smells fresh and not pungent, it can relieve the tired mood of the whole day The most obvious "flower" fragrance is the jasmine fragrance. The refreshing orange and the sweet floral fragrance match very well! (Recommended by girls!) Sage and sea salt (transparent light fragrance) -It is a very fresh woody fragrance. The faint fragrance of sea salt makes people feel comfortable after just returning from a stroll on the coast. (Recommended for men and women!) |Instructions for use| -The diffuser is a handmade natural diffuser. It has natural pores to allow the essential oil to slowly climb and volatilize. Therefore, when you use it for the first time, insert the diffuser for 5-10 minutes, then take it out and insert it upside down. . -After using for a period of time, you can repeat the above actions to make the fragrance diffusion more sustained~ -The diffusion range and concentration of the fragrance are determined by the number of diffusing bamboos you insert. Please add 2-3 at the beginning, and increase or decrease according to the situation. -The flower material will definitely move a little during the delivery process, please use the expanding bamboo to adjust the flower material to a satisfactory position. ˙˙Can be purchased again˙˙ 1.usb log base light It is very convenient to use with the switch plug in When the night light in the living room and bedside is very atmospheric and healing✨ 2. Gift box, bag Valentine's Day or birthday Special holiday gifts are very suitable and have face ❣️ 3. Customized lettering service Special lettering for that special person The best fit! Add a sense of exclusivity to your gift~ ❣️The small log lamp holder can customize the text! |Engraving restrictions| Only limit the number of words within about 20 words Both Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean are available (20 English words are single words, not letters ☺️) Fixed font Shipping days for customized text payment: 3~7 days Urgent orders can chat and ask - |Size| The floating vase is about 10 high and about 8 wide Small lamp holder diameter is about 9 |How to save| Dry flowers should not be exposed to the sun or touch water. They can be placed in a cool place for more than two years to more than three years, depending on the storage environment. Dry flowers are damp and moldy, please wipe with alcohol In case of dust sticking, please use a hair dryer to blow at low temperature and low wind speed |How to ship| Use anti-collision Sydney paper to protect the packaging, fix it in a carton and send it out It can minimize the collision and damage problems during transportation. / Need to know before buying/ -The photos are taken from real products, but due to hand-made and floral shapes, the products cannot be guaranteed to be exactly the same -The flower materials in the floating vase and diffuser vase will definitely cause some displacement due to the transportation process! You can move the flowers to your favorite place by shaking them. -The dried flower itself is fragile. It is inevitable that a little flower scraps will fall out of the box. Super perfectionists please consider carefully before placing an order -Because the flowers are seasonal. In case of shortage, we will design and match the appropriate flowers for you under the condition that the color system and the overall appearance remain unchanged -Dried flowers and eternal flowers are natural materials, so there will inevitably be a collision and a little drop during transportation. We will try our best to pack and protect the products properly -If you have any problems with the goods, please do not rush to give a bad review, we will deal with it as soon as possible after contacting us #Pinkoi2020Xmas


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