[Eternal Life Flower Potted Flower] Fresh and Natural Mother ’s Day Birthday Gift Universal Gift Petty Bourgeoisie

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[Kiss Kiss KISS OR KISSES] "Although the society is chaotic, I still want to give you a lot of love and warmth." ✓ Shipped the next day ✓ The packaging is secure and reliable ✓ Japanese flower materials and flowers ✓ Petty bourgeoisie is cute and the most enthusiastic flower gift in the world- Kisses! 💋


[Eternal Life Flower Potted Flower] Fresh and Natural Mother ’s Day Birthday Gift Universal Gift Petty Bourgeoisie


【Kiss OR KISSES】 **"Eternal Life Flower Pot Fresh and Natural"** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49745178596_c14bd7c22d_z.jpg Occasionally want to have a natural flower gift and make up for life? The fresh color matching is not only beautiful, but also makes people love it! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49745177621_334f28ca58_z.jpg The special color of the Japanese farmland-peach nude color With fresh yellow roses, Set off the fragrance of spring! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49745178511_1cca38ca94_z.jpg The light and cute bottle comes from the Nadia series of Japanese clay company. The shape of the petals is like a circular arc of tulips, and the surface is also decorated with pearl lacquer, which makes the texture more delicate. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49745501927_8eb18ef7db_z.jpg The three colors are arranged like a small garden https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49745501602_90737388e5_z.jpg No matter which one is placed indoors, it looks cute Lightweight and does not take up space, suitable for windows, entrances and tables. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49744632858_92b60c88fb_z.jpg Different from the gorgeous design, fresh and natural style, and small pearl grass embellishment It is very suitable for living with you in every corner. ▲▲ Size Description ▲▲ Flower size: approx. 8 x width 8 x height 8.5 (cm) The overall size is about 16 x 15 x 13 (the longest side of the flower) (cm) ▲▲ Material description ▲▲ Flowerware is made of Stoneware imported from Japan Clay, The hardness and water resistance between the pottery and porcelain. Excellent materials and hand-painted processing, each flower has a different personality and appearance. Mosaic wood, all immortal flowers imported from Japan, The color is more elegant and close to real flowers than the products made in China. Colors are naturally emotional, not oversaturated, and colors are not false. ▲▲ Design Concept ▲▲ Society is chaotic. Everyone is busy keeping their distance and protecting themselves. At this point, greetings and gifts seem a bit outdated. But, I want to tell you, no matter where and when you are, Love is in our hearts, The warm thoughts have not stopped, Be brave and say everything you want to thank, love and hug! Let Huali tell you everything. Let the smile received by the gift of flowers become the nutrients of our lives. ▲▲ How to save eternal flowers ▲▲ Avoid high temperature and high humidity, direct sunlight. The eternal flower is processed, Can maintain the appearance of flowers, Up to 1-3 years. Comes with a flower card maintenance instructions card, All the information you need is in the text. ▲▲ Packaging and shipping method ▲▲ All are attached with a new transparent PVC box, the outside of the box is wrapped with air bubble cloth for cushioning, Shipment of brand new corrugated boxes + attached flower gift maintenance instructions. Black cat shipping, shipping within 1-2 days (Black cats do not accept mail on Sundays. Orders on Sunday will be mailed on Monday) * The 7-11 delivery is not used, because there was a record of floral damage For your peace of mind when you receive the goods, and I feel safe for the goods to be delivered, please take a little more freight, Shopping is more enjoyable, thank you! ▲▲ Instructions for purchase ▲▲ Please note: There are some color differences between the photos on the computer and mobile phones. All the kisses are taken indoors on a sunny afternoon, There is more yellow light for reference. If there are force majeure factors during transportation, May cause a small amount of flowers to fall, please forgive me. ✓ Valentine's Day gifts ✓ Wedding anniversary ✓ Wedding anniversary ✓ Wedding elder ceremony ✓ Birthday gifts ✓Farewell The most passionate flower art-Kiss the Flower 2019


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